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Greetings to All !!!

Although this site is intended for news information to members of  Cavite National High School (CNHS) Class 65, anybody is welcome to surf this web space. So, please come and enjoy your tour!

A link here to YouTube is included for video presentations of the Scholarship Program as well as past Anniversary Homecomings of the class.

The CNHS Class 65 Roster is a complete listing of all the Class 65 alumni of the school. Headshot photos of the alumni are embedded in each alumnus record. By just merely pointing the mouse over the alumnus' surname, a headshot photo of said alumnus will be shown.

The Anniversary Celebrations section is a compendium of all our anniversary celebrations starting from our 25th (Silver) anniversary in Cavite City, Philippines. Starting from our Ruby Anniversary Homecoming, each anniversary page will contain a video player featuring movie flicks of events of the respective anniversary homecoming.

The song "Amigos Para Siempre" which was written for and sung at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain was officially adapted as the theme song of CNHS Class of 1965 during our 43th Anniversary Homecoming in the Philippines.

Recently added are pages of our recently concluded alumni homecoming, the 45th Anniversary celebration, held in Cavite City and at the Twinkle Farm in Sta. Rosa, Noveleta on February 13, 2010 and at Portico de Cecilia in Kawit, Cavite, Philippines on February 14, 2010.

We will try to provide you news in our Newsletter Section about our Alma Mater, the Cavite National High School, your classmates here in the Philippines and abroad as well as updates on the activities being undertaken by the members of the steering committee for the upcoming reunion.

The Memory Lane section is a collection of "faded photographs covered now with lines and creases"  from our high school years in Cavite City, Philippines. It is the intention of this section to bring us back to the memories of our puppy loves, our joys, crushes on our teachers, our escapades  (one of which is specialization in astronomy) and most of all, the memories of our undying friendships. Through these pages let the Young Once be the Young Ones again.

The Alumni Personal Profile/Biodata page is intended for us to know better each and every individual members of the class. We will be featuring new alumnus or alumni each month depending upon the data I will be receiving from you. This page will be entirely dependent from you, the members of Cavite National High School Class of 1965.

The Main Resource Page includes some services for the net browsers; a Site Search Engine to search this site for names or words relevant to Cavite National High School (CNHS) Class 65, a World Wide Clock to get the current date and time anywhere in the world, a Currency Exchange Calculator to convert your currency into other foreign exchange. Also included are This Day in History (events that happened on this day in world history), Today's Birthday (natal dates of famous people and heroes), In The News (highlight of the current events), Quote of the Day by famous personalities, News Headlines in the Philippines to give you updates on what is happening in the Philippines, and lastly, links to other CHS and CNHS Alumni sites.

The Cavite National High School Class 1965 Scholarship Foundation website is about the non-profit organization of CNHS Class 65 Alumni Association set up primarily to help elevate the living conditions of the poor  deserving members of our society by giving scholarship grants to the deprived but bright graduates of Cavite National High School. The website was recently updated last June 17, 2011 with the addition of 5 new scholars as well as the photo-story of the 9th Contract Signing between the Foundation and the scholars with their parents.

Feel free to send us materials, photos, news, or any bits and pieces of information that you want included in the Cavite National High School Class 1965 web space, be it here in the Philippines or anywhere abroad, after all, this is our OWN Website!

It will be highly appreciated if you will sign my Guestbook after you are through browsing this site. Come and visit this site for you to learn more.

Tedd V. Navarro
Cavite National High School Class of 1965

At , you'll discover an easy to use, information packed web site. To learn more about Cavite National High School (CNHS) Class 1965click here to go to our main resource page.

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Video of the Theme Song of CNHS Class of 1965