I’m originally from Long Island, New York. Moved to New Jersey. Been living here since 1990. Sometimes I like to go to the mall and shop. When I’m not doing that I am hanging out with my girlfriends. We would go to the movies a lot on the weekends. Maybe even go play miniature golf. My favorite thing to do with my friends is going to the Karaoke bars to sing. I’ve been doing bowling league for a long time now. A few months ago me and my girlfriends did a Women’s Bowling Tournament and took first place. We got plaques and money. At home in my spare time, I like to draw cartoons and do sewing crafts because I find that fun. And I like to play games on the computer and do other fun things on the PC. I’ve been updating my site and added scifi pages & my favorite links. There’s music, cool backgrounds & more. And with the wonderful help of my new boyfriend my site has been looking real good lately. Since I haven’t done it in about 8 years, that is, work on it. But I am adding new and fun things on here every day so keep looking for them! Well, yes, I have come back to my site recently from 8 years of not finishing up my pages here but I have put up lots more new pages like Betty Boop, poker and slots pages. Everything is looking good thanks to my man John who’s been doing web stuff a lot longer than me. So I’ll be around trying more stuff here so enjoy what I do have in here now.

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