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135 song parodies... and growing!!

Welcome to the Parody Jukebox's SONG PARODIES! In this section, you will find an accumulation of many years of song spoof writing, for which became the basis of SQUIRRELBAIT.

Desecrating popular (and not so popular music has been an ongoing tradition for me since I was a kid. I always found alternate lyrics to most of what I listened to. Although it was a constant annoyance to some people, the odd chuckle and guffaw inspired me to continue my ongoing pursuit of parody writing. And now, I share this madness with you...

All song parodies are 100% original and are sorted by title, artist and decade.
Also be sure to check out my spoofs of album covers and laugh your way into the holiday spirit with Christmas music parodies!
I also have song parody recordings and videos for your listening and viewing pleasure in my "Parody-oke" section.


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