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Old Union Cemetery Troy Mississippi

Located just outside of Troy Mississippi, There is a Historical marker indicating a civil war gravesite.

The Site came to our attention due to an article in the local newspaper. According to the article, a young eagle scout named Aaron Mize had taken on the difficult task of restoring the site.

According to the Pontotoc Progress,: " Machines that had worked fine before often balked at the grave site, only to cooperate again at home. Aaron's recitation of the devices that failed during the work - "two lawn mowers, two chainsaws, three weed eaters, a broken shovel, a broken rake"

The newspaper continued on to say that everyone felt the site was haunted, and a man sent by the National Historical Society located 26 unmarked graves, and a mass grave with possibly as many as 300 bodies located at the bottom of the hill.

There are 11 headstones marked "Unknown US soldier" in addition to everything else.

I contacted the mother of the young man doing the rstoration and was told that "all kinds of strange things happened there" and that it was indeed haunted.

I contacted the owner of the site and obtained permission for an investigation.

Attending the investigation: Angela, April, Bob, Daniel, Sabrina& Jeff

Equipment used: EMF Meters, Digital IR Thermometer, IR Video, standard Photography.

Weather: 68 degrees, Clear

solar x-rays : active Geomagnetic Field: Storm

Unknown Soldiers

The nice walkway and graveled areas were actually quite small, but well maintained..

We arrived at 6:30 pm, The background EMF was varying from .02 to .04 mg.

Almost immediately we began to pick up anomalies. EMF spikes, and at 6:37 a sudden cold spot (53 degrees)

Now you see it..

There are several basic practices investigators use to insure no interruption in the actual investigation. One of these is to always use new or fresh rechargeable batteries.. I had just put fresh 30 hour batteries into my camera upon arriving at the site. At 6:42 they were dead.. totally drained.

I changed batteries (always have a back-up) and continued on.

Another practice is to take 2 photos at a time, one right after another in order to show movement, and to prove there is no physical cause for the anomaly.

In the first picture, the EMF meter was at 6 mg, by the time the camera cycled for the next shot, the emf was back to .04 mg.

Now you don't

During this time we began to detect a strange "sweet earth" scent. It was fairly strong and lasted a good 10 minutes.

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