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Old Union Cemetery Troy Mississippi Page2

It was quite an eventful night. There were several EMF readings, all indicating a high level of electro-magnetic activity, 3 temperature drops (cold spots),strange sounds, and several team members reported "shadows walking"..

The shadows were strange.. you would see movement, it looked as if someone was walking 5 feet from you. It would only last a moment and then disappear. This phenomenon was seperately witnessed by several team members.

Again the meters go off..

At 7:15 the activity had increased. Angela took this photograph in the woods surrounding the marked graves.

The object in the photograph is not the moon..

Ghost bait

We refer to one of our team members (April) as "ghost bait".

For some strange reason, disembodied energies seem to be particularly attracted to her.

At the time of this picture, she announced, "Somebody take a picture here.. there's definitely something here"

April once again proves her talents as a sensitive.. 2 orbs are seen in this photograph..

Never still...

April turns and says,"Did you get that"

Sometimes anomalies do not like their pictures taken and in this second picture you can see the orbs moving off..

we concluded our investigation at 9:30 pm.

At this point all of the data has yet to be reviewed.

but this is one site that definitely rates the word "haunted"

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