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Surazh gorod, Vitebsk Gubernia, Duma Voter Lists, 3rd Duma, 1907

Copyright © 2007 Michael Steinore


The table below contains 109 Jewish voters from Surazh gorod (city) who were registered to vote in the first or second electoral congresses (assemblies) of city voters for the 3rd Duma in 1907. For more information on interpreting Duma voter list information, please read one or more of the excellent introductions and FAQs on Duma lists available on JewishGen® ( This introduction will focus on these Surazh lists, which contain full name, voter number, and place of residence. The reason the voter qualified to vote is not included, but if you are interested in a specific person, please contact me. The source of these lists is Vitebskie Gubernskie Vedomosti, the provincial newspaper of Vitebsk Gubernia, which had this logo.

The city of Surazh was located roughly 40 km northeast of the city of Vitebsk. A Vitebsk Gubernia map shows the geographical boundaries of each uezd, the city of Vitebsk, and if you look carefully, the location of Surazh as well (a hollow dot with lettering Cyp...).

Because nationality/religion is indicated for each voter on the lists, Jews are explicitly identified as such. Other nationalities on the lists are: Russian Orthodox, Belarussian Catholic, Lutheran, Old Believers, Poles, and Germans. I extracted only the Jewish voters. Jews accounted for 109 of 268 voters (41%) in the Surazh lists. It may appear odd that Jews are a significant portion of registered voters on these lists at a time when they lived under repressive and discriminatory laws. However, these lists contain only those categories of voters where Jews are likely to be found. There are additional 3rd Duma voter lists containing landowners, nobility, clergy, pensioners, etc. which have few or no Jews. The votes of these latter voters generally counted far more in a complex, weighted voting scheme. Therefore the influence of the Jewish vote was not as great as these lists make it seem.

I sorted the table below by surname, then by congress (1 or 2), then by voter number within the congress. There are several pairs of voters from the same congress who meet this criteria:

  • They both have the same surname
  • They have consecutive voter numbers
  • Either both have the same patronymic, or one's patronymic is the first name of the other
    These are possibly brother-brother or father-son relationships. I retained the congress (C1, C2) and the voter number in the table in order to make it possible to reconstruct the original order of each list. For example, "C2-143" means voter #143 from the second congress list. The genealogical significance of the congress is probably nil, which is why I mixed the two lists together.

    Review the full list carefully because names may be spelled differently than you are used to seeing them. They are transliterated from Russian, and have not been Americanized nor converted to their Hebrew equivalents. Frequently, the same surname or first name appears with minor variations in vowels or consonants. It will be tempting to think that this is a mistake that I made, but I transliterated the lists exactly as I saw them. The more likely explanations are that the names were originally obtained from a source that provided them verbally, the typesetter may have made some mistakes, and/or the typesetter ran out of a particular letter, and used a similar looking letter as a replacement. The list has duplicate names. This is usually because the same voter qualified in more than one qualification category, but it could also be because two or more Jews have the same name.

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    Surazh gorod, Vitebsk Gubernia, Duma Voter Lists. Copyright © 2007 Michael Steinore

    Congress-Voter # Surname First name(s) Patronymic Place of residence
    C2-1 Abezgauz Abram Shlioma Yankelevich Surazh
    C1-805 Akselrod Berka Zalmanovich Surazh
    C1-806 Akselrod Khaim-Vulf Zalmanovich Surazh
    C2-10 Akselrod Shmuilo Mordukhovich Surazh
    C2-3 Akselrod Leiba Mordukhovich Surazh
    C2-4 Akselrod Shmerka Itskovich Surazh
    C2-5 Akselrod Shmuilo Mordukhovich Surazh
    C2-6 Akselrod Tsalka Abelevich Surazh
    C2-7 Akselrod Leiba Abelevich Surazh
    C1-807 Aronskind Yerukhim Leizerovich Surazh
    C2-9 Artakhshast Aron Naftolevich Surazh
    C2-2 Azarkh Berka Vulfovich Surazh
    C2-11 Baskin Berka Zalmanovich Surazh
    C2-12 Baskin Mordukh Berkovich Surazh
    C1-808 Bederov Izrail Berkovich Surazh
    C1-809 Bederov Dovid Berkovich Surazh
    C2-23 Berkhovskiy Leiba Shmuilovich Surazh
    C2-24 Berkhovskiy Leizer Shmuilovich Surazh
    C1-811 Beshenkovskiy Abel Leibovich Surazh
    C2-20 Beshenkovskiy Leiba Abelevich Surazh
    C2-18 Boriskin Leiba Itskovich Surazh
    C2-17 Borotinskiy Leiba Abelevich Surazh
    C2-15 Borovskiy Movsha Leibovich Surazh
    C2-16 Borovskiy Meyer Leibovich Surazh
    C1-810 Bykhovskiy Izroil Meyerovich Surazh
    C2-22 Bykhovskiy Izroil Meyerovich Surazh
    C2-180 Chernyak Khaim Abramovich Surazh
    C2-34 Genin Nison Berkovich Surazh
    C2-35 Genin Zavel Khaimovich Surazh
    C2-36 Genin Berka Nisonovich Surazh
    C2-37 Genin Itska Shliomovich Surazh
    C2-38 Genin Leizer Berkovich Surazh
    C2-39 Genin Abram Khaimovich Surazh
    C2-40 Genin Shmerka Khaimovich Surazh
    C2-45 Genkin Freidis Mikhelevich Surazh
    C2-47 Glikin Khaim Ioselevich Surazh
    C2-41 Golosker Khaim  Zalmanovich Surazh
    C2-46 Golosker Khaim Zalmanovich Surazh
    C1-812 Gurevich Solomon Berkovich Surazh
    C1-813 Gurevich Abram Berkovich Surazh
    C2-48 Gurevich Solomon Bentsianovich Surazh
    C1-815 Iofe Faivish Abramovich Surazh
    C1-816 Iofe Movsha Berkovich Surazh
    C2-56 Ioffe Zalman Mordukhovich Surazh
    C2-57 Ioffe Khaim Movshevich Surazh
    C2-58 Ioffe Faivish Abelevich Surazh
    C2-59 Ivri Leizer Iosifovich Surazh
    C1-817 Karpin Shender Yeselevich Surazh
    C2-9 Katsenelbaum Shlioma Izrailevich Surazh
    C1-818 Katsenelenbaum Shlioma Srolevich Surazh
    C2-175 Khelameizer Aron Nokhimovich Surazh
    C2-89 Korotkin Shmerka Girshevich Surazh
    C1-819 Kravtsov Mendel Tevelevich Surazh
    C2-101 Labkovskiy Shmuila Nokhimovich Surazh
    C1-820 Labkovskoi Gilim Abramovich Surazh
    C2-109 Lesin Noson Tsalkovich Surazh
    C1-821 Levin Berka Litmanovich Surazh
    C2-102 Levin Litman Berkovich Surazh
    C2-103 Levin Berka Litmanovich Surazh
    C2-104 Levin Zalman Litmanovich Surazh
    C2-111 Levin Berka Litmanovich Surazh
    C2-112 Levin Khaim Abramovich Surazh
    C2-113 Levinson [T or G]ozias Ruvinovich Surazh
    C2-105 Levitan Gerts Zalmanovich Surazh
    C2-114 Levitan Zalman Meyerovich Surazh
    C2-116 Liberman Mendel Leibovich Surazh
    C1-822 Libinson Shaya Movshevich Surazh
    C2-106 Libinson Shaya Movshevich Surazh
    C2-107 Libinson Shmerka Shaevich Surazh
    C2-115 Liozno Mordukh Berkovich Surazh
    C2-117 Lipkind Aron Mordukhovich Surazh
    C2-108 Lisitsyn Leiba Aizikovich Surazh
    C1-823 Magaras Yesel Vendelevich Surazh
    C2-120 Matusov Zalman Shliomovich Surazh
    C2-123 Mirin Gerts Shmerkovich Surazh
    C2-124 Mirin Berka Nosonoivich Surazh
    C2-125 Novorozhkin Meyer Peisakhovich Surazh
    C1-824 Peizner Meyer Khaimovich Surazh
    C2-131 Perlshtein Kopel Leibovich Surazh
    C2-139 Peshekhod Girsha Abramovich Surazh
    C2-140 Pevzner Meyer Khaimovich Surazh
    C2-132 Pipkin Izroil Khaimovich Surazh
    C2-137 Purinson Mordukh Abramovich Surazh
    C2-138 Purinson Naftoliy Shliomovich Surazh
    C2-133 Pushkin Izroil Freidmanovich Surazh
    C2-134 Pushkin Khaim Freidmanovich Surazh
    C2-135 Pushkin Meyer Freidmanovich Surazh
    C2-136 Pushkin Izroil Berkovich Surazh
    C2-146 Raitsin Abram Zalmanovich Surazh
    C1-825 Raitsyn Abram Zalmanovich Surazh
    C2-141 Revzin Afroim Elyevich Surazh
    C2-142 Rivkin Shaya Itskevich Surazh
    C2-143 Rivkin Dovid Itskovich Surazh
    C2-147 Rivkin Itska Dovidovich Surazh
    C2-148 Rutenberg Shmuila Zalmanovich Surazh
    C2-187 Shegal Khaim Mordukhovich Surazh
    C2-188 Shmerling Zalman Yankelevich Surazh
    C2-152 Skorokhod Abram Itskovich Surazh
    C2-150 Svyatskiy Gillim-Dovid Zalmanovich Surazh
    C1-826 Tuv Zalman Yerukhimovich Surazh
    C2-169 Tuv Dovid Yerukhimovich Surazh
    C2-170 Tuv Berka-Leiba Davidovich Surazh
    C2-172 Tuv Leiba Davidovich Surazh
    C2-209 Yakhnin Evel Zalmanovich Surazh
    C2-52 Yevreison Meyer Khaimovich Surazh
    C1-828 Yudelevich Yankel Yudovich Surazh
    C2-53 Zaborov Zalman Berkovich Surazh
    C2-54 Zimanenok Itska Yankelevich Surazh
    C2-55 Zlatkin Iosel Leibovich Surazh