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Law #959 from the Levanda Index

Czar: Alexander II
Year: 1865

Editor's Note: Jews who converted to Christianity while in the military could adopt the surname of their godfathers, assuming the latter gave their assent. This decree indicates the level of military officer who could authorize this request and how it was to be indicated in his military service record. See also Levanda #945.

959. -- October 16. Imperial Ratification of the Legal Position of the Military Council, Declared to the Senate by the Defense Ministry. --

On those authorizing Jews, serving in the military, converting to Christianity, to alter their surnames, and how the aforesaid alteration is to be indicated in their military service record.

The Military Council, upon a presentation by the Inspector's Department on: who can authorize Jews serving in the military, converting to Christianity, to change their surnames to the name of their godfathers, rules:
1. Commanding officers of regiments, or persons of equivalent rank, can authorize requests from Jews in the military service to change their surnames to the surname of their godfathers.
2. In the military service record of a Jew converting to Christianity and taking a new surname, indicate in a footnote in the first column of the register the previous surname and the date it was changed to the new one.
This law imperially ratified the 16th day of October of this year.
(V.P.S.Z. Vol. XL, No. 42,573).

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