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Law #754 from the Levanda Index

Czar: Alexander II
Year: 1855

Editor's Note: A 'cutter' was a person whose work was cutting to patterns the sections that form a garment. The 'interior gubernias' refer to those gubernias outside the Pale of Settlement, where most Jews were not permitted to reside.

754. -- November 23. Senate's on Imperial Order. --

On permission for regiments and military institutes to have Jewish cutters and tailors.

The Governing Senate heard the report of the Defense Minister, of November 2, 1855, in which he explained that the Emperor, upon the legal position of the Committee of Ministers, was pleased to imperially order: permit Jewish cutters and tailors to be attached to regiments and military institutes in the interior gubernias, until such time as the military commanders end their contracts, but not more than one such Jew for each regiment and military institute, and then under strict supervision of the local police, so that these Jews will precisely observe the legal regulations passed, concerning the way of life in places outside the Pale of permanent Jewish Settlement. Moreover, strictly prohibit Jews situated as cutters and tailors attached to regiments and military institutes in the interior gubernias from engaging in other trades and profitable turns. On this imperial order, the Interior Minister informed, and announced to the Military department, the Defense Minister is to bear the order to the Governing Senate. Ordered: On such his Imperial Majesty orders the Defense Minister to put it into effect, for the information and obligation of fulfilling, all whom it concerns, and to send the decree to all gubernias, oblasts and military administrations, to inform the Ministers, administrative section heads and top gubernia officials.
(V.P.S.Z. Vol. XXX, No. 29,850).

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