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Law #658 from the Levanda Index

Czar: Nicholas I
Year: 1851

Editor's Note: This decree says that performing temporary highway work did not entitle Jews to permanent residence in Courland gubernia. According to the 1890 Summary of Laws on this website, the same restriction was true for Vitebsk and Mogilev gubernias, though perhaps not in the same timeframe.

658. -- November 8. Exact, Announced to the Senate by the Central Directorate of Communications and Municipal Buildings. --

On permission to hire Jews of Kovno gubernia for highway work in Courland gubernia.

The Emperor, from the legal position of the Committee of Ministers, was pleased to imperially order: with an eye to alleviating the Courland nobility from repairs of the highway within the boundaries of Courland gubernia, to permit, in accord with the petition of the Courland nobility, the hiring of Jewish workers from Kovno gubernia, but for this, at the end of the period of their employment, they will not have permanent residence in Courland gubernia.
(V.P.S.Z. Vol. XXVI, No. 25,726).

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