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Law #578 from the Levanda Index

Czar: Nicholas I
Year: 1848

Editor's Note: The Korobotchny Tax, also known as the Box Tax, was used to fund various needs of the Jewish community. Over time, it was comprised of a variety of special taxes on the Jewish community, such as preparing and selling kosher meat, a Sabbath candle tax, and here, wearing a yarmulke.

578. -- February 11. Senate's, on Imperial Order. --

On the benefit to the Korobotchny Tax from assessments on those Jews who desire to continually wear yarmulkes.

The governing Senate heard the report of the Interior Minister, in which he explained that the Sovereign Emperor, observing the minutes of the Committee on Jewish society that took place on December 15th of last year, on various subjects concerning the Jewish population, e.g. that the tax collected from Jews for wearing a yarmulke varied from 3 to 5 silver rubles and more, was, on the 27th of that December, pleased to order: All Jews who desire to continually wear yarmulkes must each pay a tax, not more and not less than 5 silver rubles per year, to be used for the Korobotchny tax. We direct this Imperial order circulated to all governors, as appropriate, to carry it out, but the Minister should inform the governing Senate. Ordered: On the aforesaid Imperial order of his Sovereign Emperor, inform all those persons concerned, as appropriate, and make the decree known to Gubernia, Bessarabia Oblast, and military administrations, and to the Interior Ministry.
(V.P.S.Z. Vol. XXIII, No. 21,985).

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