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Law #11 from the Levanda Index

Czar: Grand Prince Peter Alexeevich
Year: 1720

Editor's Note: Czar and Grand Prince Peter Alexeevich won a decisive victory in the Battle of Poltava in the Ukraine in 1709. He would not be known as Peter the Great until the following year, 1721, when he declared Russia to be an Empire. He is deciding on which prisoners captured in the battle will be given back. Those who were Jewish and then baptised or currently of the Catholic faith were not to be returned. The 'Ginterov' reference is not clear. The term Zhidov was used when referring to Jews in pre-1790 decrees, rather than the term Evrei found in later decrees.

11. -- July 2. Imperial Resolution on Memorandum Points, on Polish prisoners.

Those Zhidovs now converted to Christianity, to return them?
Resolution. Do not return.
On Ginterov persons, who are of the Jewish races, and now of the Catholic faith, captured in the Battle of Poltava?
Resolution. Do not return.

(P.P.S.Z. Vol. VI, No. 3,604).

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