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Law #1064 from the Levanda Index

Czar: Alexander II
Year: 1872

Editor's Note: Recruit districts were administrative districts within which Jewish communities supplied recruits to the military. The motivation for this decree was probably as indicated in the following, virtually identical decree for Podolia gubernia: to cut off possibilities for Jews to evade military service.

1064. -- October 24. Imperial Command, Announced to the Governing Senate by the Interior Minister the 2nd of November. --

On assigning Jewish communities in Taurida gubernia to new recruit districts.

THE EMPEROR, on the 24th day of October of this year, was pleased to imperially order: carry out the assignment of Jewish communities in Taurida gubernia to new recruit districts, conforming to the procedure decreed in statutes 1215 - 1221 of the Recruit Regulations, setting the first district in the city of Aleshki, to which is annexed the northern uezds, the second in Karasubazar, to which is annexed the remaining people from the first district and the third not complete in Simferopol.
(Collection of Statutes and Governing orders of 1872, No. 910, str. 1,721).

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