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The table below contains 122 Jewish voters from the mestechko of Kolyshki in Vitebsk Uezd, who were registered to vote in the second electoral congress of city voters for the 3rd Duma in 1907. For more information on interpreting Duma voter list information, please read one or more of the excellent introductions and FAQs on Duma lists available on JewishGen® ( The source of these lists is Vitebskie Gubernskie Vedomosti, the provincial newspaper of Vitebsk Gubernia, which had this logo.

A Vitebsk Gubernia map shows the geographical boundaries of Vitebsk Uezd and Vitebsk Gubernia. (Page to the bottom and select the Vitebsk Gubernia link.) Kolyshki was to the East of the city of Vitebsk and is very close to the Belarus/Russia border.

Because nationality/religion is indicated for each voter, Jews are explicitly identified as such. I extracted only the Jewish voters. Jews accounted for 122 of 159 Kolyshki voters (77%) in the second Congress. It may appear odd that Jews are the clear majority of registered voters at a time when they lived under repressive and discriminatory laws. However, this list contains only those categories of voters where Jews are likely to be found. There are additional 3rd Duma voter lists for Vitebsk Gubernia, containing landowners, nobility, clergy, pensioners, etc. which have few or no Jews. The votes of these latter voters generally counted far more in a complex, weighted voting scheme. Therefore the influence of the Jewish vote was not as great as this list makes it seem.

I sorted the table below by surname, then by first name, then by voter number. There are several pairs of voters from the same congress who meet this criteria:

  • They both have the same surname
  • They have consecutive voter numbers
  • Either both have the same patronymic, or one's patronymic is the first name of the other
    These are possibly brother-brother or father-son relationships.

    Review the full list carefully because names may be spelled differently than you are used to seeing them. Frequently, the same surname or first name appears with minor variations in vowels or consonants. It will be tempting to think that this is a mistake that I made, but I transliterated the lists exactly as I saw them. The more likely explanations are that the original typesetter may have made some mistakes and/or somewhere along the line, the names were obtained from a source that provided them verbally.

    Kolyshki Duma Voters, 3rd Duma, 2nd Congress 1907

    Voter # Surname First name(s) Patronymic Voter qualification
    210 Abel'skiy Itska Berka-Borukhovich property [ownership]
    214 Amromi Zelik Dovidovich property [ownership]
    215 Aparts Khatskel Abelevich property [ownership]
    217 Asinovskiy Khaim Movshevich property [ownership]
    216 Askinozi Movsha Berkovich property [ownership]
    218 Astashkevich Khanon Tsalkovich business [license]
    211 Azarkh Movsha Dovidovich property [ownership]
    212 Azarkh Yerukhim Berkovich property [ownership]
    219 Baber Mendel Girshevich property [ownership]
    221 Baber Mendel Mordukhovich property [ownership]
    222 Baber Vulf Mordukhovich property [ownership]
    220 Baber Yuda Girshevich property [ownership]
    223 Balonov Abram Itskovich property [ownership]
    226 Beilinson Sena Aronovich property [ownership]
    238 Beskin Girsha Vul'fovich business [license]
    237 Beskin Izroil Yuselevich business [license]
    227 Binshtein Dovid Linovich property [ownership]
    228 Binshtein Lina Azrielevich property [ownership]
    239 Blokh Shevel Khaimovich business [license]
    229 Blyakhar Berka Mordukhovich property [ownership]
    230 Blyakhar Mordukh Movshevich property [ownership]
    231 Bogorad Vulfa Abramovich property [ownership]
    240 Bon Khaim Izroilevich business [license]
    232 Borisov Vasiliy Samuilovich property [ownership]
    233 Bruk Dovid Aizikovich property [ownership]
    350 Chernobrodov Mendel Aizikovich property [ownership]
    349 Chernomordik Mendel Aizikovich property [ownership]
    348 Chernomordik Shmerka Aizikovich property [ownership]
    258 Evreison Nakhman Itskovich property [ownership]
    340 Fogel'son Berka Aronovich property [ownership]
    368 Fomin Fridman Leibovich property [ownership]
    369 Fomin Nekhon Abramovich property [ownership]
    248 Galkin Kusiel Yankelevich property [ownership]
    249 Gel'derman Movsha Abelevich property [ownership]
    250 Gel'derman Shaya Abelevich property [ownership]
    251 Ginzburg Ruvin Abramovich property [ownership]
    255 Gitlin Vulf Abelevich business [license]
    252 Gorelkin Abel Movshevich property [ownership]
    264 Itkin Dovid Beniaminovich business [license]
    262 Itkin Mendel Beniaminovich property [ownership]
    263 Itkin Mendel Borukhovich property [ownership]
    342 Khasin Mikhel Faibishevich property [ownership]
    341 Khazan Leiba Abelevich property [ownership]
    345 Kheifets Khaim Itska-Zalmanovich property [ownership]
    344 Kheifets Shlioma Khaimovich property [ownership]
    343 Khvatskin Aron Itskovich property [ownership]
    266 Kikinzon Nokhim Berkovich property [ownership]
    267 Kikinzon Ruvin Meer Leibovich property [ownership]
    268 Kikinzon Shmerka Nokhonovich property [ownership]
    269 Kikinzon Yerukhim Leibovich property [ownership]
    292 Kosivin Moisei Ioselevich business [license]
    272 Koval'zon Esel Yankelevich property [ownership]
    270 Koval'zon Gershon Aronovich property [ownership]
    273 Koval'zon Khaim Aronovich property [ownership]
    271 Koval'zon Leiba Esilevich property [ownership]
    291 Koval'zon Leiba Ioselevich business [license]
    283 Krasel'shik Gershon Abramovich property [ownership]
    287 Kunin Falk Kernelevich property [ownership]
    286 Kunin Gershan-Leiba Notovich property [ownership]
    284 Kunin Meer Kernelevich property [ownership]
    285 Kunin Mendel Notovich property [ownership]
    295 Labkovskiy Mendel Dovidovich property [ownership]
    296 Lev Meer Girshevich property [ownership]
    301 Lev Meer Girshevich business [license]
    302 Lipkind Nokhim Berkovich business [license]
    303 London Izroil Fishilevich business [license]
    297 London Leiba Nokhimovich property [ownership]
    304 London Leiba Nokhonovich business [license]
    307 Meerzon Abram Shliomovich property [ownership]
    305 Merzlyak Khaim Abramovich property [ownership]
    306 Merzlyak Yekhiel Abramovich property [ownership]
    308 Mirin Movsha Abramovich property [ownership]
    310 Mokhlin Khaim Shmuilovich business [license]
    309 Mushkatin Faivish Girshevich property [ownership]
    314 Nezlin Beniamin Khaimovich property [ownership]
    313 Nezlin Itska Dovidovich property [ownership]
    315 Nikhamkin Khaim Zalmanovich property [ownership]
    311 Nikhamkin Shender Yudovich property [ownership]
    312 Nikhamkin Yuda Aronovich property [ownership]
    316 Par Yankel Movshevich property [ownership]
    317 Pudalov Shlema El'evich property [ownership]
    318 Pudovik Shevel Izroilevich property [ownership]
    322 Raikhlin Nokhon Khaimovich property [ownership]
    323 Raikhlin Srol Movshevich property [ownership]
    321 Raikhlin Zalman Itskovich property [ownership]
    327 Rapoport Shmuila Movshevich business [license]
    324 Rogatskin Leiba El'evich property [ownership]
    325 Rogatskin Leiba Zalmanovich property [ownership]
    326 Rozin Khaim Abramovich property [ownership]
    330 Sandler Beniomin Simonovich property [ownership]
    329 Sandler Izroil Simonovich property [ownership]
    328 Sandler Simon Dovidovich property [ownership]
    351 Shalyt Movsha Mendelevich property [ownership]
    353 Shapiro Dovid Shayevich property [ownership]
    360 Shapiro Dovid Shayevich business [license]
    352 Shapiro Shaya Dovidovich property [ownership]
    356 Sheftel Zalman Shneerovich property [ownership]
    357 Shkolnik Mendel Leibovich property [ownership]
    361 Shmerling Beidet Movshevich business [license]
    358 Shmerling Movsha Khaimovich property [ownership]
    359 Shmid Leiba Khaimovich property [ownership]
    333 Skoblo Aron Yankelevich property [ownership]
    336 Sternin Abram Zalmanovich business [license]
    331 Svyatskiy Shmuila Movshevich property [ownership]
    346 Tsalkin Girsha Abramovich property [ownership]
    347 Tseitlin Shender Vigdorovich property [ownership]
    337 Tumarkin Aron Izroilevich property [ownership]
    242 Vikhnin Esel Leizerovich property [ownership]
    244 Volchok Itska Abramovich property [ownership]
    243 Volchonok Movsha Vul'fovich property [ownership]
    245 Voronenok Leiba Meerovich property [ownership]
    247 Vydrevich Itska Mendelevich business [license]
    246 Vydrevich Mikhel Berkovich business [license]
    362 Yudkin Izroil Eselevich property [ownership]
    367 Yudkin Meer Eselevich property [ownership]
    363 Yudkin Movsha Eselevich property [ownership]
    366 Yudkin Movsha Yankelevich property [ownership]
    365 Yudkin Shlema Vul'fovich property [ownership]
    364 Yudkin Vul'fa Yankelevich property [ownership]
    259 Zeleznyak Aron Zalmanovich property [ownership]
    260 Zeleznyak Itska Itskovich property [ownership]
    261 Zeleznyak Shlema Abramovich property [ownership]