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Red Paw button 9310 Sourmug Road
Red Paw button Philadelphia, PA 19114
Red Paw button USA

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I'm Buster, an English Bulldog living in Philadelphia. My goal is to obtain a full-time day position in an occupied residence with kitchen service available while Mommy is at work. With my natural talents, training and repertoire of tricks, I'd be quite an asset to any such home. Click below on my house, dish, ball, and bone (my favorite things) and on me, to learn about me. : )

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Red Paw button AKC Registered.
Red Paw button One dark eye and one blue. Skewy and cute : )
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button Four years of the best training.
Red Paw button Experienced with cats, kittens, turtles and all canine visitors.
Red Paw buttonFriendly to neighbors, mailmen, trashmen and hopeful solicitors.
Red Paw button Will sit on command, if REALLY necessary.
Red Paw buttonExperienced Drive Thru passenger at McDonalds, Wendy's & Burger King.

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Spiked Dog Collar & Chain

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Wolfe Pet School
House Training

June, 1996
Canine College
Begging, Fetching & Rolling Over
Member of Greek Delta Greek Omicron Greek Gamma Fraternity
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References (Click here!!)
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Donna, Critter Sitters,(Good Doggie)
Cindy Gaines, Puppy & Dog Training, (Leash)
Jennifer Baez VMD, Veterinarian, (Health/Immunizations)
Kathy, Worldwide Aquarium & Pets , (Grooming)
Bulldog Wagging Tail

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