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NEW Where to find Census Images and Transcriptions

NEW I Am Transcribing the 1850 Halifax Co., VA Census

You can find what I have finished to this date (July 26, 1999) here

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My Look Up List was Growing and Needed a Place of Their Own..
Rhonda's Look Up Links


17th Century Immigrants Registry
1% of the 1880 US Federal Census
1600's Ancestor Database
1755 Homepage


African-American Genealogy Group
African Americans in MISSOURI Added Sept. 9, 1999
23rd. Alabama Volunteer Infantry Regiment, CSA Added Thursday, July 22, 1999
22nd Alabama Infantry Regiment Added Thursday, July 22, 1999
Alabama Online Census Links Added Thursday, July 22, 1999
Alabama Regiments Added Thursday, July 22, 1999
Tribes and Villages of AlabamaAdded Thursday, July 22, 1999
Allegany Regional Family History and Genealogy
Along the Old Federal Road Added Aug. 5, 1999
American WWI Orphans Network"> Added Aug. 5, 1999
AUSTRALIA. Death and Obit. Notices Index Added Sept. 9, 1999
AUSTRALIA. Southern Cross Genealogy Added Sept. 9, 1999
Arkansas Land Records-Search
Ask The Genealogy Lady
Arizona Genealogy Interest Group
American Heraldic and Genealogical Institute
Archived Death Records for Michigan
Ancient Map of Germany
American Migration Web Site
Arizona GenWeb
Alaska GenWeb
American Local History Network
Alabama Archives and History HomePage
Acadian and French Canadian Genealogy
Genealogy of Acadia
Acadian Genealogy
Acadian-Cajun Genealogy Links
America's First Families
Ancestors' Attic
American Collage of Heraldy
Allegheny Regional Family History Society
Australian Family History Compendium
Allen County Public Library
Ancestrial Findings
Ancestral Trails
Ancestry Search
The Attic


Boston Family History Added Aug. 8, 1999
British Columbia Archives
British Isles Family History Center
Branches and Roots
BaiCon Genealogy
Brittish Ancestors in India
British Military Records
Brother's Keeper
BC Archives
The Balch Institute for Ethnic Study
Barrel Of Genealogy Links
Bloodlines Genealogy


CANADA. POST-1901 Census Project.
Larimer County. Extracts from COLORADO. the 1910, 1913 and 1917 Larimer County Directories Added Sept. 9, 1999
COLORADO. Weld County. Sligo Cemetery Headstone Transcriptions Added Sept. 9, 1999
COLORADO. Weld County. Memories of the Greeley POW Camp Added Sept. 9, 1999
COLORADO. Weld County. Marriage Index 1872-1885 Bride Index Groom Index Added Sept. 9, 1999
Chronicles of the SCOTCH-IRISH Settlement in VA. Added Sept. 9, 1999
Biographies from Stone's 1918 "History of Colorado" Added Sept. 9, 1999
COLORADO. Denver County. "Notice of Vital Events" from the DENVER POST, Tuesday, May 27, 1919, p. 19. Added Sept. 9, 1999
COLORADO. Larimer County. "From Butternuts to the Rocky Mountains"
from the OTSEGO JOURNAL, Dec 1884, Gilbertsville, New York.
Added Sept. 9, 1999
Catholic Church in Europe Website Added Aug. 5, 1999
Coffee County, TN Home Page Added Aug. 5, 1999
Cannon County, TN Home Page Added Aug. 5, 1999
Cemetery's @ Ground Work
Channel Islands Genealogy
Cornwall Online Genealogy Pages
Church of the Brethren Network
Cousins Corner
Concordia Historical Institute
Confederate Muster Rolls
Crimean War
Census Records on CD ROMS
Connect With Surnames
Czech and Slovak American Genealogy Society of Illinois
Cemetery Junction
Common Threads
Census Online
Yates Publishing- The Computerized Ancestor
Cyndi's List
Cynthis's Genealogy World
Cyndi's List-U.S. Census
Christine's Genealogy Website
Cindy's Southern Genealogy
A Century of LawMaking for a New Nation. Documents and Debates
Chronicles of the Scottish-Irish Settlement in Virginia


Delaware Public Archives
Dutch Immigration and Trilogy
Database of Online Irish Resources
Dutch Home pages by FamilyName


Edgeworthstown Parish Scrapbook Added Aug. 5, 1999
The Electric Cemetery
England Census of the Cotswold and Southern Warwickshire
East Tennessee Historical Society
Essex Inscriptions Ancient Burial Place
England Public Record Office
English Genealogical Resources
East and North Riding Surname List
East of London Family History Society
Early American Roads and Trails
English Genealogy


Flockmaster International BlackSheep Society of Genealogists Added Sept. 9, 1999
"Really BAAAAD ancestors make great genealogies"
Foreign Born Voters 1872-California
Family Tree Genealogical and Probate Research Bureau
Federation of Genealogical Society's
Family History Center in Dortmund, Germany
Funeral Net
Family Chronicle
FirstMom's Genealogy Resources and Records
Family History
Federation of East European Family History Societies
Franklin County Genealogical Society
Family Tree Maker
Family Workings Genealogy Main Page
Family's of Bedford Co. TN


GERMAN Genealogical Research Added Sept. 9, 1999
GenSeeker Added Aug. 8, 1999
GenSwap Added Aug.5, 1999
Genealogy Boy's Genealogy Corner Added Aug. 5, 1999
The Goldmine Project added Aug. 5, 1999
Genealogy in Belgium
The Gene Pool
Gennam-L Archive Page
Genealogical Journeys in Time
Genealogy Timelines-Newgate Prison, London
German Genealogy Home Page
German History Site
German Map Site
Genealogy and Poland
Genealogy Help NetWork
Genealogy Linx by Alfred Velez
The Genealogist, by Gordon Hillman (Canadian/Hungarian)
Genealogy and History of the Eastern Shore
The Ghost's of Klondike Gold Rush
Genealogy Research Source
Genealogy's Most Wanted
Genealogy Exchange and Surname Registry
The Great Tri-state Tornado
Genealogy and History
Genealogy Resources on the Internet
Genealogy Online
Genealogy and other Sundries
Genealogical Database Index
The Geneaolgy Home Page
Genealogy of U.S. Presidents
Genealogy in Sumner County Tn
Guion Miller Roll...follow instructions !


Historical References
Hall of Records Genealogy
Heritage Quest
Heraldry on the Internet
Hapsburg Rulers
Helms Genealogy Toolbox


IOWA. Adams County History. Added Sept. 9, 1999
IOWA. Allamakee County Cemeteries Added Sept. 9, 1999
IOWA. Allamakee County Biographies Added Sept. 9, 1999
IOWA. Carroll County History Added Sept. 9, 1999
IOWA. Fayette County Cemeteries Added Sept. 9, 1999
IOWA. Harrison County History Added Sept. 9, 1999
IOWA. Lee County Cemeteries Added Sept. 9, 1999
IOWA. Lee County Churches Added Sept. 9, 1999
IOWA. Shelby County -- Washington Township Cemetery Added Sept. 9, 1999
Irish Convicts to Australia 1788-1868
Index of Graves at Liberty Hill Primative Bapt. Cemetery-Alabama
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild
International Mennonite Genealogical Resources
Irish Family History Foundation
Immigrations to Victoria-Brittish Ports 1852-1859
Indian Captives of Early American Pioneers
Irish Family History Foundation
Illinois State Archives
Irish Genealogy on the Web
Italian Genealogy
I Found It
Ilgenfritz Genealogy
Irish American Genealogy Resources on the Web


Joan's Royalty in History Site
Jewish Genealogy
Jewish Genealogy and Avotaynu
Journal of Online Genealogy
Julia's Southern States


KENTUCKY. 1860 Butler County Census Added Sept. 9, 1999
KENTUCKY. Shelby County Biographies (about 40 new ones) Added Sept. 9, 1999
KENTUCKY. Shelby County Deeds Added Sept. 9, 1999
KENTUCKY. Shelby County Marriages Added Sept. 9, 1999
Kelly Family History
Kindred Konnections
Kentucky Biographies
Mississippi Links
Illinois Links
Tennessee Links
War Links
Native American's

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