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Screen Mate Downloads At Ren's World Of Horror

You may need Winzip to unzip some of the files before you can use them. Click on the logo below to download Winzip for free. All downloads are for Window's 95 and Window's 98. To begin downloading, simply click on the link of the file you wish to download and click on save. Have fun Creepers!

WinZip Now

What Are Screen Mates?
ScreenMates are small, animated inhabitants of your desktop! They interact with your desktop, with you and with each other! Using a unique recognition system, ScreenMates actually know that other ScreenMates are there and modify their behaviour!

Uninstalling Screen Mates?
ScreenMates do not install on your system, they are stand alone programs that have no other supporting files beyond the .exe itself. You should be able to simply delete the file.

To begin downloading, simply ckick on the text link or graphic of your choice.

Screen Mates

Download Granny's Screen Mate - It's hillarious!
Granny from The Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps
Granny farts and zooms across your screen in her wheelchair, talks, dives, parachutes and more.
System: Windows 95 and 98
Granny is our favorite!

Angel size
Size: 48.8 KB
System: Windows 95 and 98

Bart Simpson
Size: 10.7 KB
System: Windows 95 and 98

Size: 574 KB
System: Windows 95 and 98
Cartman is here with his most famous sayings! His stands in a window and you can choose which sayings he says and program him to say things every couple of minutes. Kick Arse!

Crash Bandicoot size 0.97 mb

Click here to download Dino!
Dino from the Flintstones
Size: 333 KB
System: Windows 95 and 98

Homer Simpson
Size: 116 KB
System: Windows 95 and 98
Paranoid Homer's head sits on the edge of your desktop watching everything you do. There are stacks of options to choose and two different modes.

Maggie Simpson
Size: 33.4 KB
System: Windows 95 and 98

Hello Kitty
Size: 34.0 KB
System: Windows 95 and 98

Size: 21.1 KB
System: Windows 95 and 98

Size: 22.9 KB
System: Windows 95 and 98

Top Kat size 14.3 kb

Weasel screen mate 49.9 kb

Xmas Fred size 328 kb


Screen Mate Download Links


Screen Mates at Ad Tools Inc.

Screen Mates at Top Downloads Net

Screen Mate City

People Screen Mates

Zombie Screen Mates at Top Downloads Net

Be sure to visit Message

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