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Gunnar Hansen:
The Man Behind The Mask
"The Unofficial Home Of Gunnar Hansen"

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Campfire Tales - On a chilly autumn evening, Jason, Billy and Danny sit around the campfire and listen to horror stories told by a derelict named Ralph.

Holly Chainsaw Hookers (1987) - A private investigator locates a missing teenage girl who has become a hooker in a demented chainsaw worshipping cult.

Mosquito - Aliens transform ordinary mosquitos into monstrous bloodthirsty mutants. - click here to order!
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Hellblock 13 (1999) - A serial killer about to be executed (Rochon) tells her executioner three chilling tales: a young mother is plagued by nightmares of her missing children; a southern belle turns to the occult to eliminate her redneck husband; and a biker gang pays ritual tribute to Big Rhonda with chilling results. A trio of shockers from the gore masters at Troma. - click here to order!

Freakshow (1995) - Two boys visit the Freakmaster to see five freak exhibits and hear the stories behind them. Each tale is more terrifying than the last, but after the fourth freak, the Freakmaster refuses to continue. The boys refuse to leave until the last freak is exposed. What he learns will shock everyone. - click here to order!

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) - A quiet summer drive ends in violent tragedy when several youths encounter a chainsaw-wielding psychopathic killer and his demented family. This gruesome, though darkly comic, tale of terror is purportedly based on a true story (the Ed Gein killings, that is, which actually occurred in Plainsfield, Wisconsin). John Larroquette narrates, uncredited. Three sequels. - click here to order!
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Gunnar's Book - Islands At The Edge Of Time (Non-Fiction Journal of Gunnar's Travels to Americas Barriers Islands.) CLICK HERE TO ORDER!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Family Portrait

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Leatherface On The Loose!

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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - click here to enlarge picture

The Character Satan Claus from Campfire Tales


Gunnar Hansen is best known for playing Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, one of the most influential horror films ever made, now in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art. His other film appearances include Demon Lover, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, Campfire Tales, Mosquito, Freakshow, Exploding Angel and Hatred of a Minute. He recently completed work on Hellblock 13, shot in Columbia, South Carolina. His film and video writing includes Futbol Moscow, feature screenplay; Butcher's Pride, feature screenplay; Virus, feature film treatment; Crack In Hell, feature film treatment (Zeno Films); Penobscot; The People and Their River, documentary film director and script; Maine: America's Coast and Portrait of an Island, documentary scripts; How to Build a Nutshell Pram, documentary narration script co-writing (WoodenBoat/Acadia FilmVideo); Wolaku, research (Passamaquoddy Indian Township/Acadia FilmVideo); Gifts of the Glacier and Disability and Interaction Strain, documentary film treatments (TOGC Film). He is currently finishing work on a documentary film on Greenland, which he wrote and directed. Mr. Hansen has also published four books: Bear Dancing on the Hill (poetry, 1979), Not a Common House (history, 1981), Mt. Desert: An Informal History (history, 1989, editor), and Islands at the Edge of Time (natural history/travel, 1993). He has recently completed a fifth book, Things Only the Killer Knew.

(Above information courtesy of, and the Internet Movie Database)

The following are movies that Gunnar acted in over the years...

Campfire Tales (1991) (The Storyteller)

Demon Lover, The (1976) (Professor Peckinpah)

Exploding Angel (1995) (Walter)

Hatred of a Minute

Hellblock 13 (1999) (Executioner)

Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers (1987) (The Stranger)

Freakshow (1995) (The Freakmaster)

Rebecca's Closet (1999)

Mosquito a.k.a. Blood Fever (1995) (Earl)

Repligator (cable tv)

Scream Of The Demon Lover (1971)

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: A Family Portrait (behind the scenes) (1990)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) (Leatherface)

Gunnar's Autograph - photo edited by Ren

TCM Spanish Poster

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Gunnar from Campfire Tales
Gunnar Hansen was "magnificent" and "brilliant" in the role of Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (unfortunately, he only appeared in the original). The writers have since "broke the mold" of the character "Leatherface" that Gunnar molded on the big screen. In the sequels the character Leatherface was giving an identity with emotions (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation definately proves this point in my opinion), rather than portraying the blood thirsty, chainsaw, mad, crazed monster that Gunnar brought to life on the screen (as we know the one and only Leatherface). In my opinion Gunnar is the ONE and ONLY true Leatherface!

Born In:
Reykjavik, Iceland
High School, University of Texas
Majored In:
English and mathematics
computers (His first job was a computer operator), writing, designing webpages, editing for magazines (occassional), direct documentary films, screenplays, acting, producer
Books/Poetry Written:
Islands at the Edge of Time
Bear Dancing on the Hill
Not a Common House
Mt. Desert: An Informal History
Things Only the Killer Knew

T.C.M. - The doorway with the big metal sliding door had a false floor.

T.C.M. - Gunnar had a hard time seeing with the mask on.

T.C.M. - Gunnar hit his head on the door, dropped the girl and fell out cold on the floor (in the scene where he grabs the girl and is carrying her through the doorway).

T.C.M. - They did not use stunt doubles.

T.C.M. - Gunnar handled a "live" saw through the whole making of the movie.

T.C.M. - Gunnar was doing some cutting with a "live" saw only "three inches" from a guy's head (Tobe Hooper wanted it to look real).

T.C.M. - While filming another scene, Gunnar fell and landed on his back and threw the "live" saw up in the air which ended up landing on the ground right beside him.

Mosquito - In the scene in the basement the chain broke on the chainsaw, flew off, and hit the assistant cameraman.

T.C.M. - Gunnar is on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre DVD commentary track with director Tobe Hooper talking about the film and the good old days. (this information sent in by The Digital Terror)

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