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Prehistoric animals and people appearing in the present
Most of the time things come and go as expected and the world evolves. But every once and a while something out of place appears. These movies revolve around a plot where something, or some one, from the past (very distant past) pops up in the present. It's usually a dinosaur, but sometimes a caveman makes it through. (Just once I'd like to see a prehistoric cow make it through) -

"Baby... Secret of the Lost Legend" ('85) dinosaur
"Beast from 20,000 Fathoms" ('53) Nuclear test thaws a dinosaur, a rhedosaurus that visits New York City,
(Note: This was the father of the Godzilla movies starting in '56.)
"Beast of Hollow Mountain"  ( aka Creation) ('56) dinosaur
"Creature from the Black Lagoon" ('54), II ('55), III ('56) Lizard-like creature.
"Dinosaurus" ('60) dinosaurs
"Godzilla" ('?) dinosaurs
"Iceman" ('84) caveman
"Island of the Lost" ('67) A South Pacific
island inhabited by prehistoric, 
mutant versions of modern animals.
"It's Alive" ('74) '78,'87 ?
"Jungle, The" ('52) 
   A herd of prehistoric wooly mammoths.
"Jurasic Park" ('93) dinosaurs
"King Kong" ('?) The dinosaurs he fights.
"Land Thet Time Forgot" ('75) WWI sub finds a mysterious island
    with ancient animals and cavemen.
"Last Dinosaur" ('77 TV) Big game hunter finds a BIG animal.
"Lost World" ('60)dinosaur in the Amazon
"Mummy, The" ('12,'32,'59, '99) The Egyptian mummy.
"People That Time Forgot" ('77) Rescue of Doug Maclure from 'The Land That Time Forgot'
"Reptilicus" ('?) dragon-like reptile threatens Denmark.
"Return of the Apeman" ('44) apes
"Rodan" ('56) birds
"Trog" ('70) cavemen
"Valley of Gwangi, The" ('69) dinosaur

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