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Animal disasters

Lions, and tigers, and bears ... and ants, and frogs, and bunnies: oh my what a list of animal disasters that have plagued mankind. Ever since the Hounds of the Baskervilles ('14) were let loose on the moors, just about every animal has been portrayed as a deadly killer. I've collected over 100 (and counting) movie titles where the main theme is some species going out of controll and biting the hand that feeds it. These are existing species, not alien, or manufactured, that have mutated, grown or just gotten very angry. Down spot, down!!


"Alligator" ('81) II: The Mutation ('91) alligators
"Anaconda" ('97) big snake
"Animal Farm" ('99TV) barnyard animals
"Ants" ('77) ants
"Aracnophobia" ('90) spiders
"Atomic Dog" ('98TV) dog
"Attack of the Giant Leeches" ('59) leeches
"Attack of the Crab Monsters" ('56) crabs
"Bats" ('99) Experimental Indonesian bats go wild.
"Beast, The" ('96) squids
"Beast From 20,000 Fathoms" ('53) octopus 
"Bees" ('78) South American killer bees
"Beginning of the End" ('57) grasshoppers attack Chicago 
"Birds, The" ('63) Birds II: Land's End ('94) birds
"Black Scorpion, The" (57) Giant scorpions demolish Mexico City.
"Black Scorpion" ('59) Scorpions in the southwest
"Bug" ('75) cockroaches
"Blood Surf" (2000) Alligator
"BugBuster" ('99) A legendary exterminator must save a town from
mutant bugs.
"Claws" ('77) bears
"Crocodile" (2000) A vicious reptile hunts the students who destroyed her
"Cujo" ('83) dogs
"Day of the Animals" ('77) mountain animals
"Deadly Bees" ('66) specially bred attack bees
"Deadly Cargo" ('77TV) spiders
"Deadly Eyes" ('82) rats
"Deadly Invasion: The Killer Bee Nightmare" ('95TV) bees
"Deadly Mantis, The" (57) A giant preying mantis attacks Washington.
"Deadly Swarm" (2003) wasps in Mexico
"Deep Blue Sea" ('99) genetically enhanced Shark
"Deep Rising" ('98) Jewel thieves face a monster in the South China Sea.
"Devil Bat" ('41) bats
"Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell" ('78)
"Dogs" ('76) dogs
"Doomsday Alley" ('?) Huge scorpions develop after WWIII.
"Earth vs Spider" ('58) spiders
"Empire of the Ants" ('77) ants
"Eye of the Cat" ('69) cats
"Food of the Gods" ('76) Gnaw...   ('89) rats
"Frogs" ('72, ) frogs
"Giant Gila Monster" ('59) lizard
"Giant Spider Invasion" ('75) spiders
"Godzilla ('54) ... 2000 (2000) The lizard just doesn't quit.
"Godzilla vs Mothra" ('64) moth
"Good Earth" ('37) locusts
"Graveyard Shift" ('90) rats
"Grizzly" ('76) bear
"Hound of the Baskervilles" ('14,'15,'20,'29,'31,'39,'58,'77,'83) dogs
"It Came from Beneath the Sea" ('55) octopus
"Jaws" ('75) II('78) III('83) IV('87) sharks
"Killer Ape" ('53) apes
"Killer Bees" ('76 TV) (2002) bees
"Killer Fish" ('79) fish
"Killer Schrews" ('62)
"Kingdom of the Spiders" ('77) spiders
"King Cobra" ('99)
"King Kong" ('33) apes
"Kiss of the Tarantula" ('76) spider
"Komodo" ('99)  a Komodo dragon        
"Konga" ('61) Scientist experiments with growth factor and
turns a a chimp into a giant ape. I guess a giant chimp would
look silly (-er).
"Lake Placid" ('99) A large crocodile feasts on villagers in Maine.
"Leonard Part 6" ('87) Small animals killing people. 
"Locusts" ('74TV)
"Legion of Fire: Killer Ants" ('98TV) ants
"Leviathan" ('89) eel
"Man's Best Friend" ('93TV) dog
"Marabunta" (?) Volcanic heat instigates ants in Alaska.
"Mighty Joe Young" ('49, '98) smaller BIG ape
"Mimic" ('98), II (2001) Mia Sorvino breeds a super cockroach, to kill disease-
   spreading roaches, that gets out of control and takes on human scale.
"Moby Dick" ('30, '56, '97) whale
"Monkey Shines" ('88) apes
"Monster from the Black Lagoon" (') reptiles
"Monster that Challenged the World" ('57) mollusks
"Mosquito" ('95)
"Naked Jungle" ('54) ants
"Namu, The Killer Whale" ('66) whale
"Night of the Grizzly" ('66)bears
"Night of the Lepus" ('72) rabbits
"Night of the Thousand Cats" ('72,Mex)
"Nightwing" ('79) bats
"Octopus" (2000) A radioactive sea creature goes on the rampage.
"Orca" ('77) whales
"Pack, The" ('77) dogs
"Panther Girl of the Kongo" ('55) Giant crayfish monster
"Pet Cematary" ('89) cats
"Phase IV" ('73) ants
"Piranha" ('78) II ('81) fish, and then flying fish.
"Planet of the Apes" ('68) apes
"Primal Force" (1999) genetically enhanced Baboons get angry.
"Prophecy" ('79) bears
"Pythons 2" (2002) Snakes.
"Rats, The" ('01TV) rats      
"Rats are Coming, The" ('72) rats
"Rattled" ('96) snakes
"Razorback" ('84,Aust) pigs
"Reptilicus" ('62) reptiles
"Savage Bees, The" (')
"Silemt Predators" ('99) Harry Hamlin discovers anest of deadly
rattlesnakes disturbed by a town's growth.
"Shark Arrack II" (2000) Genetically altered sharks dine on defenseless
"Skeeter" ('94) mosquitos
"Snowbeast" ('77TV) Yetti
"Son of Kong" ('33)
"Spider" ('58) spiders
"Spider Woman" ('44)
"Spiders" (2000) Mutated arachnids grow big with appetites to match.
"Squirm" ('77) worms
"Stanly" ('72) snakes
"Sting of Death" ('66) jellyfish
"Strays" ('91TV) cats
"Swarm, The" (1978) African killer bees terrorize North America.
"Tarantula" ('55) spiders
"Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo" ('77TV) spiders
"Tentacles" ('77) octopus
"Terror out of the Sky" ('78TV) sequel to "The Savage Bees"
"They Nest" (2000 tv) Super cockroaches infest a small Maine island.
"They Only Kill Their Masters" ('72) dobermans
"Them!" ('54) ants and radiation
"Ticks" ('93) ticks
"Trapped" ('73TV) dogs
"Tremors" ('89), 2: Aftershocks ('95), 3: Back to Perfection ('01)   worms
"Up from the Depths" ('79)
"Venom" ('82UK )black momba
"Willard" ('71), "Ben" ('72) rats

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