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Movie Trailers






Last Update:
january 26th, 2000


I have uploaded all trailers and test that are downloadable to a freediskspace account, just click the link below the download (or register if you aren't already). If you register yourself, please use the following referrer: U0003C129, I will get 5mb extra for each subscription with this referrer!!!
Password: trailers

Uploading Stuff

If you want me to reconvert your trailers or if you want to share your trailers with me, you can upload them to my freediskspace account, goto:
Password: upload & Referrer: U0003C129
There is currently about 180Mb free space

VOB-section (incl. XOOM Acount, experimental)

If you want to download the original VOB files, you can go here:
There will be no mentioning about VOB trailers on that page !
How to download:
Download all the images on a specific movie page. NOT by just left-clicking, but by right-clicking and then 'Save Target As...'. Or you can use a download resume program.
Then rename the .jpg files to .rar and unpack them with WinRAR. You will now have another archive, unpack this one and then you have your VOB-FILE.
Please mail me and tell me what you think of this method!

The freediskspace account for VOB-files:
Password: trailers & Referrer: U0003C129

    Vob files online:
  • Xoom:
    • The Mummy
  • Freediskspace
    • Vampires
    • Star Trek: Insurrection
    • Blade

Other peoples trailers

The trailers that can be downloaded here are converted by other people, there are small text-file in the download-dir, so you can see what the person said about them. These trailers are on a freediskspace-account, go here:
Password: trailers & Referrer: U0003C129

SpacePorts Acount

I have created an accout at SpacePorts, they say they give unlimitted webspace if the reason is ok. I currently have 60mb of reconverted trailers online.
GoTo: SpacePorts Account

Trailers info and some downloads

AC3 Tests

THX Trailers

  • THX - Simpsons (See freediskspace account)
  • THX - TEX2 Moo-Can (See freediskspace account)

By The Collector