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"MAKE IT COUNT!", Jack Dawson


Rose DawsonÖThe TITANIC love story goes on. . A work of Fiction by a fan.



A customs officer boarded the Carparthia, he began to take down names. It had begun to rain and everyone was getting anxious to leave the ship. The officer approached Rose.

"Your name please love", he asked

"Rose Dawson", she said

"Thank you", responded the officer as he moved on to a group of Irish immigrants that looked to be a family.

Rose was still wearing the same dress and Calís coat. She placed her hands in the pocket and she discovered that the necklace was still there. She fingered it and placed it back in her pocket.

The customs officers assisted the pier workers in getting the survivors to the offices of the White Star Line. Rose was among the last to get off the ship.

After Rose got off the Carpathia, she realized that a new chapter of her life had to begin. There were promises to keep that she made to herself and to Jack, the man she loved and lost a few days before. She felt the "Heart of the ocean" necklace in her pocket, and she realized that she needed to keep it as a reminder of her past and her future.

She started to walk away from the Chelsea Pier towards the street. Then she began walking down the street after leaving the pier and ran into Molly Brown. Molly exclaimed excitedly, "Rose!" Rose said, "Shh, be quiet".

Molly took Rose to the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel and gave Rose a nightgown to wear while she had Roseís dress sent to the laundry. Rose said to Molly, "I need some money to go to California, can you help me?"

Molly said "Of course, I will pay for your train fare, I have to go to Denver to see my children before I go to other places." Rose was very happy and felt much better.

Rose said, "Molly, promise me something".

Molly said, " I am a woman of my word."

Rose said in a voice of venom, "Never tell my mother and Cal that I made off the TITANIC alive. I want to start a new life without restraints."

Molly said in a voice of understanding, "I will not say anything, If Jack were alive, I would also help him too. I know he meant a lot to you."

Rose began to cry. Molly rocked her on the bed in her arms like a child. Molly summoned the maid for some tea.

That night, Rose prayed, "God give me the strength to go on. Watch over Jack and Molly. Keep them safe. Amen". This would be the prayer she would say for many years, and would add others to it.

The next day, Molly took Rose to several 5th Avenue shops for some new clothes and got her a valise to carry her stuff. Then in the privacy of her hotel room, Rose cut a few inches of hair, then braided it and pinned into a bun. Molly called to Rose, "Dinner is ready".

Rose said, "Be right there, Molly."

Rose was beginning to feel much better just by being with Molly Brown. She was a trusted person to Rose. That night she put on the "Heart of the Ocean" and closed her eyes to remember the night that Jack drew her "like one of his French girls". She remember saying to him, "I believe you are blushing Mr. Big Artiste." Roseís memory went back to the night she realized her love for Jack and was ready to fulfill many of her dreams. She remembered Jack saying "Promise me youíll never go, no matter how hopeless."

She had been in Paris before sailing on the TITANIC with Cal and seen many artists like Jack, she may have seen him and never knew he was there. She opened her eyes again, removed the necklace and placed in her coat pocket. In just over a week, she would be in California.


A week later, Rose and Molly were on a train headed west. Rose looked out the window watching the landscape change constantly. She constantly fingered the necklace. She vowed never to give it up or sell it no matter how bad things got.

Rose just continued to stare out the window during the day watching the landscape of America constantly change. She was simply amazed by it because she never saw anything other than buildings in Philadelphia.

Back in New York, Ruth Dewitt Bukater and Cal Hockley mourned the loss of Rose. They never knew she made it. Her mother moved in with Calís family for a short time. Then she went to Philadelphia broken hearted over her daughter for the rest of her days.

It was May 1, 1912, the day that she was to be married to Cal. She watched Molly leave the train with tears in her eyes.

Molly said, "Send me a telegram to Denver when you get to Los Angeles"

Rose replied, "I will, I promise. Thank you for your help."

Molly said, "I will continue to help, just let me know!"

The train left Denver, and Rose wondered what her life would bring her next.


It was May 1, and the train reached Los Angeles. The ocean was not far away and could be seen in the distance.

Rose picked up her valise and coat, and got off the train. She handed the porter a dollar to take her into the city to a good hotel. The driver took to the Santa Monica Hotel in a Black Model T.

She checked into the hotel as Mrs. R. J. Dawson. The bellboy carried her bag and coat to her room. Rose carried her purse with her money and the necklace. She asked the bellboy as he opened the door to her room, "Do you have a safe in the room?"

"The safe is right here", said the bellboy.

"Thank you", said Rose.

Rose removed her shoes and sat on the bed. Tears began to stream down her face. Then she began to cry because she seen the roller coaster from her window, the waves washing onto the shore, people drinking cheap beer, and people riding horses.

She wanted to be there with Jack, experiencing all of it. She closed her eyes and imagined them riding the roller coaster, drinking cheap beer, and riding horses in the surf. They were laughing and acting silly. No one seemed to care at all.

She remembered the promise to Jack made a few days after she tried to throw herself off the ship. ("Promise me.."). She wiped the tears from her eyes, and began to unpack. She had enough money for a few days, then she would have to get a job.

The necklace and most of the money was placed in the safe. She pinned her room key inside of her skirt pocket and changed her shirt and tied her hair back with a ribbon. She put some money in her purse and went outside. She walked to the beach. She rode the roller coaster, drank some cheap beer, and rode horses in the surf for the next few weeks and got many pictures taken.

She said to her self, "I kept the promise for you, Jack. I love you, I will never let go no matter how hopeless."


She went to a moving picture studio and got a job as a stenographer. She made $25 a week, and got a small room in a rooming house in Santa Monica. By the end of the year, she got a Model T and learned to drive. She saved a lot of money. She even helped the woman with the rooming house by cooking supper and washing dishes, something she would never would do if she were married to Cal.

One morning, she woke up feeling ill. She usually liked the smell of the breakfast but she couldnít contain herself and opened the window and vomited. The feeling continued for several days.

Rose decided to go the doctor to find out what the mysterious illness was. After an examination, the doctor told her the news, "You are with child". Rose fainted in the room and the doctor had to get smelling salts.

"Where is your husband?" asked the doctor

"Dead!", cried Rose, "About 2 months ago in a tragic accident!"

"Where is his family?" the doctor asked

"Iím not sure, he didnít have much family!" Rose responded, still crying.

"Your mother or father?" asked the doctor.

"They died also, I am the only one left!", Rose said.

"But I do have a friend to take care of me at the boardiní house." Rose said.

After the doctor said that the baby was due on January 15, Rose walked out of the doctorís office. She realized that Jack was still with her, only spiritually.

Rose patted her tummy lightly, "Jack, you are with me still, I will never let!" she said to herself.

Rose walked home and told the woman running the house, "I will take care of you as if you are my own."

Rose went to her room and remembered back to that night that she and Jack made love in the Renault. She began to cry.

She said to her self, "I am going to be a success. I will raise this child and tell him about his or her wonderful father. I would never would have done it if it hadnít been for Jack."

Rose thought, "If Jack were alive, we would be married and have a house overlooking the ocean."


Rose decided to take a trip to Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. She wanted to see Jackís hometown. She boarded the train for the journey. She was apprehensive during the trip knowing that she might be recognized but she never really talked to anyone.

After a journey by car to Chippewa Falls, she looked around at the small town. She asked a local shop where to find the Dawson residence. The shopkeeper said, "the Dawson house burnt down a few years ago, but the young Jack managed to escape and we havenít heard from him since. Why do you ask?"

"I am his young widow from a ship wreck, the Titanic", she said, fighting back the tears.

The shopkeeperís wife, "I am so sorry my dear" and she embraced the young girl.

"I must go now", she said

"Good luck and my condolences" said the storekeeperís wife.

She went to the local undertaker and paid $2 to get a tombstone for Jack that had engraved "Jack Dawson, 1892-1912, loving husband and friend, ĎI Ďll never let goí"

She had it placed in the cemetery and left a bouquet of flowers. She said "I will go on, and you will see that I will go on with my life."

In a few days, she returned to California and to the boarding house job. The lady never asked her what the purpose of the trip.

Rose continued to marvel at the miracle of life occurring within her. She did not seem to mind all of the things that come along with being in "a delicate condition" such as food cravings and swollen feet. She wanted Jack more than ever but tried to not to think too much. She knew that Jack was watching her and the child from above.

On the morning of January 15, 1913, Rose woke up and felt different. She told her friend felt pangs that she never felt before. "What is wrong?" she said.

Mrs. Smith said, "Your time is come dear, now lie down on the bed, I will telephone the doctor."

Rose began to feel more pain and cried out Jackís name. But she stopped crying when the doctor gave her some medicine. She fell asleep and she seen Jackís face.

After 12 hours of labor, the medicines wore off and Rose started to hallucinate some.

It seemed like a ghost came to her. Jackís ghost said, "Rose, you will do fine, I wish I was there, I am your angel from heaven, watch over our child and tell him our story."

The medicine wore off, and the doctor and Mrs. Smith told Rose to push several times. After an hour of agonizing pushing, a baby girl was born.

"Very healthy, just like her mom!", the doctor said

The doctor handed the baby to Rose. Rose beamed. She said, "The childís name shall be Jacqueline Rose Ann Dawson."

A few days later, the priest baptized baby Jackie as she was nicknamed by her mother. She was a spitting image of Jack with Roseís red hair.

Jackie became a healthy and happy child who was the image of her parents. She followed her mother all over. She was also very intelligent and well mannered. Rose eventually sent to her a girlís school to get a good education, St. Maryís School for Girls. Rose and Jackie always wrote each other often.

Rose eventually landed a few other odd jobs to save money for a place of her own: a few plays on the Los Angeles stage, a few extra roles in silent films, a pilot, a waitress, and a model all in the period from 1913-1922. Then she moved into a home down the street with her earnings. She eventually landed a job working in a ceramics and pottery shop.


"10 years have passed since the tragedyÖof the TITANIC", thought Rose.

8 Ĺ year old Jackie asked her mom, "What is the TITANIC?"

Rose sat her daughter down and told the story of her parents brief courtship and "marriage" prior to the sinking of the ship. "I loved your father, and he would have spoiled you rotten."

Jackie said, "Donít you have a picture of him?"

Rose said, "No, I donít. He exists now only in my memory. He was a loving man who cared for me when no one else would."

Jackie said, "Thatís good enough for me."


Rose was shopping 1 day in the city when a young man asked her a question, "Do you know where to find a good place to eat here?"

She said, "Follow me."

The young man said, "My name is John Calvert, and you are?"

Rose said, "Rose Dawson, pleased to meet you."

John said, "Pleased to meet you, Rose"

They walked into a restaurant called, "San Pablo." The waiter seated them. John offered to pay, but initially Rose resisted. She eventually gave in. They shared a platter of burritos and beer.

During the meal, John asked Rose, "Tell me about yourself, like where are you from?"

Rose hesitated then she began to speak. She stated, "You must not share this with anyone"

John said, "I have your word as a gentleman."

Rose said, "I was born in Philadelphia to wealthy parents. I went to school in New York, London, and Paris until I was 15. My father died when I was nearly 16. He left us in debt, which was a guarded secret until a few months ago. I went to a finishing school for a year. I was engaged to a steel magnate heir but I didnít love him at all. I was in Europe with my widowed mother and my fiancť for several months. We returned home on a grand ship. While on board, I met a young man, and fell in love with him but was unable to talk long periods with him. I lost track of him and donít remember what happened to him. When the ship docked in New York, I ran away and been here ever since."

Rose never mentioned the fact the ship was the Titanic, and also that she fell in love with Jack. She never wanted to hear about the Titanic again.

John asked, "Why did you run away?"

Rose said with sadness in her voice, "I was not happy with the arranged marriage. My fiancť was controlling and much older than I, and also he was not very nice to me."

John said, "Let me tell you about myself."

As Rose sipped her beer, John talked about his life as a Horse trainer and farmer in the hills of California. He was very happy with his life and never had left the States. He was originally from Iowa but his family moved west when he was a teenager. As he was talking, Rose riveted him even though he knew her for a few hours.

John took the bill from the waiter and told him, "to keep the change."

They went for a walk along the beach, and continued to talk. She was enthralled with Johnís stories of his life because he was so similar to Jack. She held back her tears as memories were coming back but she never let John see that she was ready to cry.

He walked Rose to her rooming house. He asked her, "Do you go to Sacred Heart Church near here?"

Rose said, "Yes, I do."

John said, "There is a social and gathering after Mass, will you be my guest?"

Rose replied, "Yes."

John said, "See you on Sunday at 10:00 am"


As John walked down the street, Rose felt good. She walked down the street, then went to a womenís shop and got a new blue sailor style hat so she would look her best for Sunday.

On Saturday night, Rose was dreaming. She was remembering Jack and the good times that they had together like the 3rd class party and the moment on the bow.

"Jack Iím flying" she was saying in the dream, and she was smiling.

Also in the dream, she heard the song that he was singing to her, "Come Josephine in my flying machine, going up she goes, up she goes."

Then another memory, "I believe you are blushing Mister Artiste"

Then another memory came back when they are were separated for a short time when she was placed in a boat, then she had left the boat to be with him.

For a moment, she felt torn between the memories of a dead man and a man who was courting her. Then the alarm clock rang for 6:00 am, and she woke up. She splashed her face with water, then went to get a bite for breakfast downstairs.

After breakfast, Rose put on a blue Empire-style dress and her new sailor hat. She fastened a set of pearls around her neck. She grabbed her purse, prayer book, and parasol. She bid farewell to the woman at the boarding house. The bells were summoning people to Mass. She took Jackie by the hand and led her into church.

Walking down the street, she was among many heading to church. Rose and Jackie went into the church was beautiful in the inside for Mass. John was in the back with his parents and motioned to Rose and Jackie to sit next to him. She graciously accepted and sat down.

During the Prayers of the Faithful, Rose prayed to herself, "God, watch over Jack who is in the North Atlantic. Also keep watch of mother and Cal, they need it, Amen."

After Mass was over, John introduced Rose and Jackie to his parents. "Mother, Father, this is Rose Dawson, originally from the East, but she lives nearby at Mrs. Robertsí boarding house. Roseís husband died before Jackie was born. Rose has been a widow ever since."

Mr. Calvert shook Roseís gloved hand and Mrs. Calvert embraced Rose to greet her. "Pleased to meet you.", they said in unison.

Then Father James came up and introduced himself to Rose. "Pleased to have you here, Miss Dawson, hopefully you will join us every Sunday", replied the priest.

Rose said, "I shall do that, I am here in town indefinitely."

Rose and John walked across the street to the park where the social was already going on. She and John sat under a tree and sipped lemonade. They began to talk more and share more about their lives. But Rose never spoke of Jack to John. She did not feel comfortable telling him about him.

Jackie went to play with the other children in the park but kept an eye on her mom.

John whispered to Rose, "I really like you a lot. Can I meet your mother?"

Rose said, "That would be impossible, she no longer speaks to me because I ran away."

Rose added, "I never have regretted my decision one bit."

John responded, "I am glad that you have not regretted it."

John said, "Can I see you again? Every Sunday after church?"

Rose said, "Yes, you can."

After the social, John walked Rose to the boarding house and went towards the pier to meet his parents for supper.

Rose went to her bedroom, and changed to a blue dress that was not as formal. She wrote in her journal: "Today is the 4th Sunday of May, it has been over 10 years since Jack went to heaven. I believe that I fallen in love with John Calvert. He resembles Jack in so many ways. I am able to confide in him unlike Cal or Mother. I attended Mass today with him and Jackie. I met his parents also. If that step isnít closer to a marriage proposal, what is? Today was the church social, and I was Johnís guest. I met many people that I would have never gotten the opportunity to do so. John is caring and thoughtful and also a gentleman, all things that Cal was never."


2 months of courtship passed quickly. Before Rose realized it, she had fallen in love with John. John called on her at the rooming house on a Saturday. Rose though to herself, "He never comes on Saturday, something is up."

"Jackie, I am going out, stay her with Mrs. Smith."

"Yes mother, I will, kissy, kissy."

"Okay, enough of that!" said Rose in a happy voice.

John and Rose went to the beach. John was very quiet. Rose said, "Why are we here?"

John said, "Sit down, Rose."

John pulled out a pearl and diamond ring. He got down on 1 knee and said, "Rose Dawson, will you marry me?"

Rose answered, "Yes, I will!" in a voice that was really happy.

John placed the diamond and pearl ring on Roseís finger. They walked to his parentsí house. Mr . and Mrs. Calvert already knew about Johnís plans. They raised a glass of champagne and said, "To the happy couple."

Rose realized that there was a lot to be done. John wanted to go to Iowa in time to be settled in for harvest on his grandparentsí farm. Rose wasnít too happy to go to Iowa, but she realized that she loved him more than she knew. Jackie helped her mom with the hasty wedding plans.

A baker Rose knew from her days working in the boarding house offered to make the wedding cake for $5 which was half price. He liked Rose as another daughter he never had. His own daughter would never get married because she was confined to a wheelchair after a devastating illness. It was like he was doing it for his own.

The priest agreed to marry them for the cost of $50 which included the rental of the church, an organist and a soloist.

With the help of a local seamstress, Miss Walter, Rose designed her wedding dress. It would be very beautiful.

Miss Walter said, "As a gift, here is a lace veil my mother wore on her wedding day and a dress for your daughter."

Rose responded with tears in her voice, "Thank you."

A few nights later, in a lavender lace and satin dress, a color her mother despised, Rose and John were married in the chapel of the church by Father James with Jackie as flower girl. It was a beautiful day and Rose was happy for the 1st time since that night in April. The celebration went long into the night with plenty of people stopped by to wish the newlyweds well.

The next day, Rose and John headed to Iowa to live the remainder of her days with him and her daughter, Jackie. She became a farmer and later on, a businessmanís wife since John stopped farming a few years after they were married.


She and John were married for 65 long and happy years. John adopted Jackie as his own daughter. Rose and John had 2 children together: John Jr., and James Christopher. All of them blessed them with 3 grandchildren from Jackie, 3 grandchildren from J.J. and 4 grandchildren from James. John died 2 months after their 65th anniversary. Her granddaughter Lizzie Calvert (youngest daughter of Jackie) took her to Ojai, California to live with her near the place that she met John Calvert. Although, she never spoke of Jack and the TITANIC until the day of the phone call prompted by a news cast. That is a new story altogetherÖ..


"Where to, Miss?"

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