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Why are their names...

Rocky- "He's solid"

Colt- "I'm fast"

Tum Tum- "He'll eat anything"

(All said by Colt in 3 Ninjas.)

At first, the boys' dad, Sam Douglas doesn't like them having new names...he seems pretty annoyed with grandpa, too! The boys' mom, Jessica Douglas doesn't really mind and she says "I'll think you'll make a good Ninja warrior" to Colt, who replies "Whatever!". Sam Douglas is worked up with his job, he's kinda busy tracking down a bad guy and is in a hurry when the three brothers wants to tell him everything they did at their grandpa's. He seems kinda sad at the beginning, but at the end he makes friends with grandpa again and takes his boys out for pizza, so he's not that bad!

Rocky's real name is Samuel (or Sam, for short), Colt is Jeffrey and Tum Tum is Michael!