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This is basically just the page where you get to know more about the characters, Rocky, Colt and Tum Tum.
I'm pretty sure you know what their personalities are like...but anywayz, this is just for fun!

"Well, I thought I'd be the one to explain it all...Colt has an advice page where he helps other kids out and then there's the **Starz** TalkShow that we were on recently (my brothers were pretty embarrassing). You'll notice that there's other stuff to do as well...just enjoy, ok? Hope ya like it, I'll be back soon!" - Rocky.


[ **Starz** TalkShow ] [ Colt's Advice ] [ Names ] [ Personalities ] [ What is a Ninja? ]

PLEASE NOTE: The **Starz** TalkShow and Colt's Advice has all been made up. It's not for real, ok?