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Colt's Advice


"Hi Colt, I'm having problems at school. There's this big guy who's been bullying me for a pretty long time now. He's been threatening me and beating me up, what shall I do!?" - Tom.

Colt says: "Just kick his butt!"

"Dear Colt, I wonder if you can help me. My little brother has been annoying me lately and I can't seem to think of a way to get my own back. Do you have any ideas...?" - Lisa.

Colt says: "Tease him, that always works"

"Colt, I really like this girl at my school. The problem is, how can I show her that I do?" - Ben

Colt says: "Show off in front of her, or give her something like a Ninja doll"

"Dear Colt, I'm being bullied by this huge gang of girls. Do you reckon I should tell someone or should I just ignore them? I really don't know what to do!" - Tanya.

Colt says: "Again...kick their butts!"

"Hello Colt, the problem is I've been grounded for 2 weeks and I've been locked into my room. I really need to get out so what do you reckon I should do?" - Dan.

Colt says: "Sneak out, it wasn't that hard to guess!"

"Hi Colt, I've been told that I'm real fat and when I look in the mirror I feel fat and ugly, too. My parents tell me to ignore it and be happy. What do I need to do?" -'Anonymous'.

Colt says: "Go to the gym or take Ninja lessons!!!".

"Colt, I'm in love with a guy in my school and all my friends keep teasing me about it. I'm sick and tired of that. Should I just shout and yell at them to shut up!?" - Mary.

Colt says: "Yeah"

"Hi Colt, I'm kinda nervous about our baseball match on Tuesday. My dad said I shouldn't stress...he mean't I shouldn't go to it! the team really needs me and that is my big day to show off. What should I do?" - Joe.

Colt says: "Screw you dad! just go to the match anyway, no matter what he says"

"Dear Colt, my 'rents won't lend me any pocket money, 'cause they say I've been bad...what!?" - Sarah.

Colt says: "Shout at them until they give you some...or threaten to run away"

"Hello Colt, recently I borrowed a top from a friend. I got a stain on it that won't go away in the wash. She doesn't know about this. Do you have any ideas on what I should do?" - Katie.

Colt: "Um...make up some excuse!"

"Colt, like many people I'm being bullied. I'm too freaked out to tell someone. Help me!" - George.

Colt: "I've said it before and I'll say it again, kick their butts!"

Well, that was a few problems solved...


A small notice from Rocky: Please don't take my brother's advice seriously, he is too violent!

A small notice from Em: Rocky is right, don't take them seriously coz you'll just do the wrong the way, the entries, names and Colt's answers have just been made up so don't claim a person with the same name have sent in a letter for this page, lol...that was all for now.