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Draw the Reins

Wow, haven't been on forever!! I'm going to start up the site... again. A new layout will be coming, I promise. Luckily, while I've been gone I haven't stopped completely. I have a whole notebook full of notes from my library of horse books, so it will be a lot faster than last time. If you're a horse racing fan, you might enjoy Jason Post: Magic at the Downs. I actually was the 'editor' of the rough drafts, because I am related to the author.

The chat has been updated. Currently, we are looking for some moderators for it who would be willing to help out at least once a week, so if you're interested, send a msg to The Horse-o-Holic (admin) on chat. Thanks.

I'm sure everyones wondering where I've been and why I haven't updated for about a month. Well here it is- I tore my MLC, so I have been busy moping around because I can't go horseback riding for atleast a month. Is it a good enough explaination? I think so, anyways, I'm looking for a layout. Ohh yeah, I got an email sent to me saying that using Internet Explorer, they couldn't click on any of the links, if you have that problem, please email me, and I can send you links so you can browse the site!! ;) 8/22/05-
Perchon breed article has been added, you can find it under articles, on the navigation on the side

Site is back up again, I got this great new layout from Buck-Off I'm working on getting all of the pages updated with this layout, so the site currently is under construction. Please keep checking back, we'll have it all up again soon




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