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Being In The Moment

Just about everyone in our western culture is trained from adolescence to live in 'forward' time. By this I mean, our thoughts are constantly focused on the future. IE "waiting for the paycheck, where to go on vacation, when to leave home to pick the kids up from school, what time to start dinner, appointments, schedules, etc.

With this way of living our lives, we are pulled out of the 'Now', the present time is forgotten. By living in forward time, we are not allowed to remain centered within ourselves. We are constantly lurching forward. We are kept off-balance.

This moment right now, as you read this, is the most important time in your life. In living and knowing this very moment, will put you on the path to happiness and fulfillment.

There is a meditation on this website that will help you to return to the 'Here' and 'Now', to find the calm that living in the moment will bring. It is very simple and basic, but will bring the peace of mind that you seek. Please follow the "Meditations" link to the 'Calm Mind' meditation. You can also think of this saying, to help bring you back into the moment;

"Every breath is sacred, every moment divine"


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