Rosalyn Rice - Dark Poems

- An October/2003 Special Feature -

::Hell's Dream::To My Dearest Edward::

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|| Hell's Dream ||

I am running forward
On a flat plain with nothing but dirt
The wind strikes my flesh
Like a thousand knives 
Digging into my skin
Piercing the bone.

I know the dead are among me
I look up and see my grandmothers face
In the moon, laughing at me
While spitting rain that comes down like demons.

Spirits arise from underneath me
They run their bony fingers
Along my calves
Trying to drag me down into hell.

I feel the sweat running from my face
Onto my shoulders
Running like a stream 
Ending at my fingertips.

The sweat turns to blood
Leaving a scented trail behind me
So that my fears can follow me
Wherever I go.

My vision is fading
And i don't see the edge in front of me
I fly off the cliff
While white satin flows off my body.

As i hit the raging dead waters
I jolt and fall to my knees
With my mother picking me up
I gaze into the black casket
With the white satin lining
And see my grandmother
Laying their dead
With a reflection of a weeping red rose
On her face.

|| To My Dearest Edward ||

Blood drips from my eyes
A red substance of coldness
Fierce, stale, and erotic
Your words put a smile on my face
A smile of white ocean pearls
Waiting to be wiped out by the
Oceans stormy waves
Everytime you speak
My body goes numb as if I
Am being suffocated by demons
Strangling my throat
I am fighting to breathe
Yet I lose
You are my everything
The black that fills my soul
My hatred has turned to light
Cause of you
You are my fallen angel
An angel so perfect
No one can compete with its beauty
My ripe rose welts for your touch
My skin dwells for your caress
I await the day
To stare into your eyes of infinity
And see nothingness
A lost soul like me
Two lost souls
Finding each other comforting
Falling in love
My veins want to burst
With the envy I have for you
You are the wick of my candle
The wick I have waited for
To light and watch gleam
You've giving me so much
A feeling I've never felt
That only you could provoke

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