Marion Phillips - Dark Poems

- An August/2003 Special Feature -

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::I Live In Another Time::Mirror, Curtain, Masks::Resisting The Rage::Traveling Under The Dark Moonlight::

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|| I Live In Another Time ||

I live in another time
I live between time and space
Lost in a circling path
That always brings me to the same start

I live outside time
Looking at people living around me
Never fully part of them
Never that unlike them

The past is my home
Its ceiling solid above my head gives me
protection against debauched ideas

Its ground under my feet gives me 
a feeling of safety
and a path to tread on

Its windows show me visions 
of things that came to pass 
and what still may come

Its door is a bridge between 
my internal life and my external existence
which sometimes I resist to cross

I belong to the eternal beings
I'm a being of all worlds
I exist in all places
My home is where my heart is

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||  Mirror, Curtain, Masks ||

It keeps on raining outside my window
A cold wind blowing on my face
If you could listen to my thoughts
You'd hear agony and sorrow

Even when the sun is shining in the sky
My pain insists to remain
But you won't see me cry
I put on my smiling mask when I open up my window

It isn't anything singular
As it happens with everybody
But even when I don't think about it
It keeps burning inside me
Eating away my body

I'd like to wake up and feel it going away
Because it's a torment on my mind
I really shouldn't have to go
But if I don't get out of here
I'll die

Hopes fill my day
And this war never ends
With all those fake people I've met
I hate to stay alone
I hate to stay with everybody

Hiding myself behind masks
You'll find me behind that curtain
In a closed room, looking through a mirror
Trying to find the answers.

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|| Resisting The Rage ||

How can I explain all this to you?
When almost everything I feel inside
Are lies that I tell myself
And a feeling of dread
That even my bright smile can't hide

And I really think that it'll never change
Because while I'm getting older
I'm trying to find the reasons
But the answers fade before I reach them

I look at you lying on the bed
And I try not to taste my rage
I'd like to think that some day
I'll look at you and not hate you as I do

But you violated my body,
You distorted my mind,
You destructed my soul,
You contaminated my heart,
And now I can't find my true self

I blame fate
Not to blame you
Maybe I'll see the truth someday
But now everything I can see
Is blood on your hands
And tears in my eyes

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|| Traveling Under The Dark Moonlight ||

Sailing on a deep blue sea
We're about to start our trip
Drink of the bottle
Just a sip
And you'll be set free

Away from reality
From all we know
From all we ever had
Our souls seem to gleam
And our minds expand
With the light of this dream

Take us to this ride
Under the dark moonlight
Take off our lives
Give us eternity

And as we flow
The purple wind takes us
Through all the sea
Through all this land
Our dream is the freedom
Of ever having to come back

This is the time to grow,
Time to forgive,
Time to let go
To give away our thoughts
To forget our pasts

As the boat slowly arrives
We find ourselves lost
In crazed thoughts
Numb with cold
Waking up

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