Liberty Lloyd - Dark Poem

- An August/2003 Special Feature -

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|| Beauty House ||

the wicked sound of grinding teeth
doors adorned with poison ivy wreaths
in the kitchen decay it reeks

this ol' house filled with love

roaches crawl upon her wall,
the roof just begging to let go and fall
under the stairs things live and grow,
demons you pray you'll never know

this ol' house made with love

passed out cold in the corner,
the needle still haunting her vein
I think to myself "it be easy, just warn her",
but why bring her back to the pain?

this ol' house drenched in love

in the closet her lovers just hanging,
the meaning reveals more than just one
if she were awake she'd be screaming
oh well, now its just her and her son

this ol' house burning with love

but now I'll i hear is just crying,
not from a girl but a baby
it's probably just nothing,
but maybe, just maybe........

its someone just yearning for love

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