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- An April/2004 Special Feature -

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|| Lady Death ||

In magick reborn, I saw you,
Walking hand in hand with
The Cloaked One-- Death!
Past mine eyes did you glide
Yet you only watched His dark gaze;
No word spoke I, from fear
That He would look upon me;
You walked on with Him,
Away from me, forever his--
Now you reign in Hell, I know;
And when next I see you
I will walk with my hand in yours.

|| To: Death ||

O Death! Goddess that thou art,
Come to me and mine lonely heart--
Take mine hand and lead me afar,
Afar, afar, beneath yon stars;
Long shall we wander in the night
On 'neath the palish moonlight--
On towards the e'er beckoning shell
Of doom, on towards a fiery Hell
Shall we stride, O mine goddess,
On to eternity; Death-- my goddess!

|| Diora ||

Diora! Goddess of my dreams,
Hear my plea, for I grow uneasy
And may soon awaken to melancholy;
Let me take your hand,
Trusting you will understand
I wish to leave the lands
Where dwells the monster-- Man!
Diora! Hear my tortured screams:
All I ask is to be finally free
Of this curse of reality;
Lead me away, far far away
Where dreams and phantasy sway
And ghouls and daemons play--
O Life! Quickly does thou slay!
Dreamers does thou quickly slay!

|| Lo! Death ||

Mors amo-- Reh-Kab

Lo! Death has come
To gather in her arms
Those who have succumbed
To her fatal charms--
Her deathly cold embrace;
Her sweet and pale face
Wrapped in funeral lace--
Lo! The Lady Death!

Lo! Death again has come
Anon to take in her hands
Another who has fallen
Into her grey nether lands--
Her long cool fingers
Mine entwined with hers;
I am under all her powers--
Lo! I welcome the Lady Death,
Lo! I go with the Lady Death!

|| Memorie d'Edgar Poe ||

The ancient chamber lies silent and still,
Empty save for your haunting memory;
Your ethreal beauty comes to me often
When the shadows of night grow long
And sleep will not wrap me in its folds:
You come to me, a vision of old,
As if you were never gone from me;
I gaze upon your delicate features
But I stagger; I am stunned!
By the Knowledge which you impart to me
Through your deep and darkened eyes.
Knowledge which has been so long denied
Yet which I knew I would inevitably obtain,
If I longed for your spirit to be with me.
I know now the secret I never knew
And it burdens my soul even more,
For I realize, at long last, my beloved,
That it was mine own hand, mine own!
Which struck you down that night,
That night of deep and dark despair
When I struck you down, my one love,
And you died wrapped in my arms, 
Vowing your eternal love for me,
With your last, coughing breath.
No longer do I shun your approach
I welcome you with open arms;
As your pale form hovers over me,
I kiss your cold pallid lips
And I feel the joy of Death
Pass through my own trembling body--
I rise up from my expired form
To take you in my own way, beloved,
As we drift away from the uncaring earth
High to where the brightest stars shine
And the angels sing in the heavens,
There we shall be as one once again
And our love shall burn bright and pure
And shall be, til Time itself passes.

|| Annie ||

It glows with the light of the love of my Annie

The village lies silent 'neath the murky night skies, and as I walk slowly on, all I hear are the eerie lonely cries of some mournful night bird. Above me, the moon shows through the drifting clouds, and in the strange half-glow, I remember the words which she often sang to me.
On I go, to wander the stony shores of the dark sea, dreaming of her pale face, and of the songs she sang.
Then before me, o'er the crashing waves, I see floating a small blueish glow, and in its light I see her pale faces, wreathed by the delicate shine of the stars in space;
She smiles a small sweet smile and I hurry to her; I reach out my hand to grasp her cool fingers and kiss them. Again she smiles, but with tears in her eyes; then she turns to leave me.
In fearful desperation I try to follow her pale form into the pounding sea, yet on she moves, floating fore'er away from me.
Ne'er again will I see her here, this I now know; and so, upon the night's end, to the rocks I shall go, to join her soul so we will both be eternally free, free to roam the endless mysteries of the crashing pounding sea.

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