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- A November/2003 Special Feature -

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|| Butterfly Life ||

We lead a butterfly life,
born on anguished lips,
contorted lips...

Encased in glass so cold and harsh
we lead a butterfly life
when flames are held up, high...

Bedazzled by painted women of night,
as frail as wilting white roses,
we lead a butterfly life

Sepulchral lipped and unredeemed,
we crawl under the city's grey rain
and, doused in mud and solitude,
we lead a blue butterfly life

|| Dead Heart In Neverworld ||

My reflections faded away; I gaze in the blank mirrors
Alone, unreal, frozen...
With empty eyes I see
This barren labyrinth, wandering through me

I'm nothing, feel nothing, think nothing,
But with my ghost I used to dance
In mirrored halls, unreal worlds,
Thousands of us, never alone.

And where are my voices, deafly talking,
Where is the music, resounding...
What I was, I gave away. For company.
And I'm still here, but without me.

|| To the mirror - eyed Harlequin ||

Help me build my world
out of white little parts,
Bitter and sweet, happy and sad.
Color it pretty or color it dark

But cover my eyes to myself

Let me not see the world that's inside me, 
Let me not see the barren halls outside,
Give me a truth, who cares it's a lie
And sing me a song, and give me a life

For I am right here, and here I now ask you,
My dear-hated Harlequin with deep and blank eyes,
Keeper of Darkness and Bringer of Light...
Am I like you, to wander absurdly
Into these barren halls of Nevermind

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