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- A September/2003 Special  Feature -

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::Cometh Into The Night::Misery::

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|| Cometh Into The Night ||

Cometh Into The Night.
When the day is lost in darkness
And the night begins to bloom
You'll find repent a hardship
As it quivers inside of you.
The night is full of secrets
That relish in taunts and deceit
Stars in the skies do linger
And death is your defeat.
Watch the flowers bleed
As a blackened chill does play
Sit in your corner rocking
Just longing for the day.
But in this hell its likely
Your wish will never come
Insanity your friend now
Your heart and mind so numb.
Floating through the dead sky
No longer afraid of fright
Believe your one of us now
So cometh into the night....

|| Misery ||

Good friends we are my death and I
Lay down my soul and say goodbye
Bloodstaind my cheeks as I try
To end my shivering tears do cry.
Your viscious screams pierce the night
Clotted eyes deny the sight
To shattered emotions and relentless fright
Those gleaming fangs thirst and bite.

To try and fulfill an endless desire
Would leave you crouched at the funeral pyre
Embraced then dropped by heavens vampire
Your anguish and pain will melt in the fire.
I lost my direction yet found my way
To the doom which he did slay
Why do you ignore my screams when i say
The dark is more enticing than the day.

So now you kneel at my grave and weep
Whilst my body lies in an unloved heap
And its longing regrets you'll have to keep
My hellish fear will haunt your sleep.
Darkening, deathly scars do bleed
The dying flower drops its seed
Try and undo your selfish deed
I lost my heart and followed his creed.

Hope is dead its memory will fade
Sold my soul to the devil you payed
The secret dread that he obeyed
And so its done...My death is made!

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