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- November 5, 2003 - Monthly Newsletter  - Issue #5 - Pls FWD -


Hello reader!

This month the subjects focused are basically recent.

In the Library section you can find an article about Elaine Corvidae, a relatively new writer, whose books are available online, and which are unconventional and have some intelligent plots.

The Music section has the biography of the Dutch band The Gathering, one of the most important European bands of the last 10 years. Their music changed from death metal to what some call "atmospheric rock", without losing its dark quality.

The Movies section has an article about The Hunger, the '83 movie that presented The Bauhaus to the world and that has an uncommon vampire story.

In the Visual Arts section, you can find the biography of Frank Frazetta, one of the main illustrators of the 20th century, who influenced people like Boris Vallejo, Matthew Roderick and others.

Finally, this Month's Subject is about the Indigo Children. In this article, you'll learn what this term means, the purpose that is attributed to them and plus, what the Crystal Children are.

This month's issue has also 3 new poets who contributed with our site with their moving works; the 3rd and last part of Moonlight's story Vampyre Kiss; new links, which are now part of a directory called Recommended Links; and 3 new illustrations in the Image Gallery, accompanied by excerpts of the masters William Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde and the ancient Greek Euripides.

You can find the links to all these pages on the side bar.

We wish you a good entertainment in our site and a very good month!


Homer's Iliad Retold In Another Planet

Ilium - Dan Simmons 
By Marion Phillips

This month I'll tell you about a very good sci-fi book that has taken the classic Iliad to another perspective.

This book tells the story of a post-human civilization who lives in some future century in the planet Mars. Each one of them goes for the name of some ancient Greek god and act accordingly.

Disputes, life threats, arrogance, and superhuman powers are shown, as the "gods" meddle in the Trojan Wars.

There's a reincarnated professor from the 21st century, called Thomas Hockenberry, who works as an observer for the gods and as a researcher. He has to compare the happenings of this new Trojan War with the one described by Homer.

Later on, he's given the duty of killing Pallas Athena by Aphrodite and in the meantime, he gets another angle of his new strange life.

The characters of the war are the same who once were worshiped as demigods in Greece: Paris, Achilles, Hector and Odysseus, who are fighting for the dominion of the land in the armies of these post-modern Martian Greece and Troy.

Human life still exists in Earth but it's so devoid of impetus that the happenings on Mars serve merely as an entertainment.

The planet Mars inhabitants also have to worry about the interferences of the robotic inhabitants of the Jupiter moons, which can destroy the planet.

Be ready to face a strange and complex plot, perfect for the lovers of classic literature.

Simmons is the creator of the sci-fi series "Hyperion" and other books.

The Dangers Of Playing God

Frankenstein - Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (Mary Shelley)
By Marion Phillips

Mary's story is almost an insight into our days and the possibilities of clonation, but this story shows especially the way that society treats the unusual and the cruelty that can come from it.

It tells the story of Victor Frankenstein, the Swiss scientist whose greatest ambition is to find the secret of life.

Somehow, he manages to create a monster from dead body parts, but once this monster is "alive", it starts to develop a mind of its own, and to loath himself and his creator, due to the treatment he receives from society and what he knows he is.

What the "Monster" wants more than anything is to be able to have a family and to have the love of others and through time the impossibility of it angers him and drives him mad.

Frankenstein in his turn regrets what he did, but at the end he's destroyed by his creation.

This story written in the early 1800's, is one of the top classics of gothic literature and has been recently re-edited in cassette and read by the Shakesperian actor and director Kenneth Branagh.

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  • Month's Subject:
    Indigo ChildrenAre you one of them?

  • Music:
    The GatheringOne of the best Dutch bands of the last decade

  • Library:
    Elaine CorvidaeA new writer, whose books are creative and unconventional

  • Movies:
    The Hunger The 80's movie that turned the vampire myth upside down

  • Visual Arts:
    Frank FrazettaOne of the main 20th century illustrators, an important influence to many


  • 3 new illustrations in the Image Gallery, accompanied by verses of W. Shakespeare, O. Wilde and Euripedes

  • 3rd and last part of Moonlight's story Vampyre Kiss and new poems by Lanaia Lee, Lara Siliotto and Devilish Angel of The 666 in the Stories & Poems section

  • Our links pages are now compiled in one section called Recommended Links. There you can find links to some of the best goth and horror sites, directories, webrings, top lists, fan lists, online stores and more.

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