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 by Heidi Keller - November 5, 2003

indigo childrenThis month instead of focusing on the dark side of folklore, mythology or paranormality, I preferred to choose a more positive subject but equally intriguing: Indigo Children.

In this article, if you don't know about this subject, you'll learn about what it is, about some characteristics that the Indigo Child shows and plus some information about the Crystal Children.

Lower the lights; light some incense and put on some mystic-sounding music, because this month's subject is "trippy".

What are they?

The Indigo Children are also called Children of The Indigo Vibration, People of The Indigo Ray or simply The Blue Ones.

They would be psychically gifted people, whose mission would be to promote progress in all areas in human culture, and they're named "indigo" because of the life color in their auras, which indicates great intuition and psychic abilities. 

This color is perceived through analysis of the biofield, which is an electromagnetic field that surrounds the physical bodies of humans. Each human would have several different life colors, which can indicate not only the spiritual development of the person, but also it's health condition, and other traits. In the case of the pure Indigo Children, their life color is basically blue or violet.

It seems this is a concept that was first developed in the 1960s, but I couldn't find the exact information about when it started to be studied.

The people born Indigos would be rebellious to authority, very sensitive, highly talented, and nonconformist. They would be the kind of people who were considered freaks at school, because they were loners, showed uncommon tastes and although they were very intelligent, the repetitive school tasks were so hateful to them that they preferred not to do them sometimes.

It's very difficult for the Indigos to live among common humans, because they generally are misunderstood and laughed at. They can become rebels at adolescence, sometimes even delinquents or depressed people and frequent insomniacs if they don't manage to shield themselves from all the negativism that surrounds them.

Indigos are physically identical to all human beings - i.e. they can die, have health problems, etc, but their souls are different. The way the "specialists" talk about them, it's as if they were alien souls who would come from a more developed planet to bring enlightenment to our little blue world. Nevertheless, others merely talk about them as if they were a next step in human evolution (sounds like X-Men, ah well…).

Some of them say that Indigo Children are being born more frequently from the beginning of the 80s on and the number is increasing in leaps. But beware the numbers! Most sites that talk about this matter are so filled with esoteric talk that the texts almost lose their coherence! Certain sources mention percentages of up to 95% of Indigos being born in the last years (!!).

indigo childrenAs geniuses, creative rebels and productive anarchists have been existing since humanity was made, or so it seems - thank the Gods - then to say that Indigo Children started to be born only from the 20th century on sounds simplistic to me.

Some "specialists" divide the generations of Indigo Children this way: Alpha, born between 1958 and 1968; Beta, born between 1968 and 1978; Gamma, born between 1978 and 1988;
Delta, born between 1988 and 1998; and Omega, born between 1998 and 2008.

All these generations have their own characteristics based on the level of color vibration in the people's auras and they take around 28 years to have their period of awakening - also called Saturn's Return - and then they enter a phase of post-awakening.

But then there's the question: Are all creative rebels Indigos? Some seem to think they are, others say that only those who have a heightened sensitivity to others' energies are Indigos.

Now if you found the description of the Indigo Children peculiar, read on about the Crystal ones….

The Next Generation

Again, the dreaded "specialists" say that the Indigos are changing the energy patterns of our little blue world, heightening them and thus bringing progress to human society. However, they would also be preparing the way to the arrival of the Crystal Children.

indigo childrenThe Crystal Children are considered yet another level in human evolution. The way "they" talk about them, it's as if the Crystals were powerful Xavier-like people who are starting to be born in the world and who would display the kind of psychic powers that one generally sees in the movies - or comics.

These people would have even more difficulty to adjust to the environment, because their intellects would be far more developed than ours, so they would tend to feel easily offended by our violent ways and ignorance.

The Crystal Children would be very sensible to electricity, which would cause lamps to explode, apparels to stop working, etc. They would be even more sensible to others' feelings than the Indigo Children are. Also, they wouldn't be able to understand fear, but when surrounded by fearful humans, they would reflect back that fear.

Now what's the purpose of all this enhancement of positive energy in the world? It seems that both the Crystal Children as well as the Indigo ones are here merely to bring progress to humanity.

I think we'll have to wait and see if this Indigo Children theory is somehow right, as we're getting to the moment in time when the so-called Pure Indigos born in the beginning of the 80's will start to take power.

Let's hope that either if this theory is right or not, that our generation - that of people in their 15-30 years old - will be able to do something better than what's been done until now.

No matter the color of our "auras"…

Next month is (already!!) the last of the year and I'll get back to the mysterious, eerie, and ominous subjects, so that you'll have some interesting things to tell the children by the fire in the Christmas party, as a continuation of the Halloween holiday ;)

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