Dozen Doses Biography

 by Trav - October 5, 2003

dozen doses live in L.A. Ian Paris- guitar
Joey Maramba- bass
Mike Cox- drums (temp.)
trav- vocals, violin

Feeling unstimulated by the local LA music scene, the drummer trav began writing simple bassline ideas to become the foundation of his next project.

Eventually these basslines were developed into songs. Unable to find the right chemistry at that time, trav borrowed the talents of friends in other bands and began singing to form a 3 song demo.
This recording became the foundation of DoZEN DoSES (XIID, twelve D).

In June, 2003, trav met guitarist Ian Paris (formerly COMASTAR). With bassist Joey Maramba (HIDDEN) and trav's brother Mike Cox (COAL CHAMBER) temporarily sitting in, XIID finally had the lineup to begin playing the Los Angeles circuit of clubs.

Eerie violin intros, dark basslines, tribal drumming and eccentric guitar work give DoZEN DoSES a sound unique to LA at this time.

travis - dozen doses XIID's music borrows influences from Bauhaus, The Cure, Joy Division and others in the darker vein.

DoZEN DoSES has recently emerged and has begun relationships with the local media and industry.

The goal is to attain the backing and support to be able to share the music with as many fans as possible.

Although now the band can be heard on a monthly basis in Los Angeles, they hope to play anywhere there may be an audience.

Although the music hasn't been signed or released for sale, it is available for free download at

A video clip will soon be offered as well.


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