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by Marion Phillips - April 5, 2004

laurell k. hamiltonLaurell K. Hamilton is one of the most popular dark fantasy writers of the last years and her Anita Blake vampire series seem to have done what became difficult after Anne Rice re-invented the vampire literature: taking things even further and deeper.

Sympathy For The Darkness

Laurell K. Hamilton was born in 1963, in a hamlet called Heber Springs, in US, and in 1969, her mother died in a car crash. She grew up in a town called Sims, with her grandmother raising her. Laurell uses to say that what made her personality was her mother's death, growing with no male at home and her grandmother's guiding.

Her interest in horror fiction came from the tales her grandmother used to tell her when she was a child. Then when she was 13 years old, she found a short story collection called "Pigeons From Hell" and after reading that, she decided that she wanted to become a writer. Her interests in the vampire lore came when she discovered the book "The Natural History of the Vampire", which she read many times.

She was an unconventional girl, who didn't enjoy playing with dolls and had an attraction for horror movies and stories.

Before devoting her time to writing, Laurell K. Hamilton was a volunteer in an animal shelter, working directly with the animals. She only gave that up, when she got too busy.

laurell k. hamilton's bookThen she started to devote her time to writing and had her works published in Marion Zimmer Bradley's (The "Mists Of Avalon" writer) Fantasy Magazine, which gave a good visibility.

Her first book was published in 1994, and was also the first story of the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series, called "Guilty Pleasures". These books have strong characters and are notorious for their graphic sexual and violent scenes, which serve to spice them up.

This series already have 11 books, all of them much praised by the critic and popular among many vampire legends fans.

But that's not all. Laurell K. Hamilton has written another fantasy series, which she started in 2000, about the adventures of the character Merry Gentry, a Fey princess. These books have reached the top of the New York Times book list several times.

The latest book of this series was released in February this year, called "Seduced By Moonlight". Apart from that, she also wrote a few books for the Star Trek novel series. 

Laurell K. Hamilton lives in Arnold, with her husband, daughter and her pet animals.

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