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Let’s Make Love

Let’s make love
All night long
Until all our strength is gone
Hold on tight
Just let go
I want to feel you in my soul
Until the sun comes up
Let’s make love

~Lyrics by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw

Xander was nervous, happy, and giddy. It had been several long months of therapy, for both himself and Spike, but today, Julia had given them the go ahead to get as intimate as they were comfortable with. Xander was nervous, because he knew what he wanted.

He wanted Spike to finally make love to him, for the very first time.

He hadn’t yet let Spike in on this decision, though he’d been hinting at it for weeks. At the moment, Spike was downstairs watching soccer…Xander mentally glared at himself as Spike would have, and corrected that thought to “football”, with Wesley and Gunn. Xander was upstairs in Spike’s bedroom, creating the atmosphere.

Xander started by changing the sheets and comforter on the bed. The mismatched blue linens were exchanged for pristine white ones. Xander had managed to sneak in a plethora of white candles, and lit them around the room. The bronze glow they created would create shadows and light in all the right places. Just thinking of Spike’s body in the candlelight made Xander’s heart beat a little faster. After lighting the candles, Xander pulled out the two-dozen deep red roses he had also bought. He pulled the petals off, and sprinkled them on the bed, around the bed, and a narrow path to the bedroom door. The scent of rose petals drifted up to his nostrils, and Xander inhaled deeply. He knew the roses where kind of cheesy, maybe even a little over-kill, but he wanted this to be perfect.

Xander took a deep breath, pulling from his pocket the last item he had purchased that day. The small bottle of unscented lubricant was white and daunting, but Xander just reminded himself that he loved Spike, more than anything, and that Spike returned those feelings. Spike would never hurt him if he could help it. Xander set the small tube on the nightstand, beside a wide candle, and looked around. Everything seemed to be in order. Another calming breath, and Xander began to disrobe. When he was naked, he folded his clothing and set it on the chair, then moved to the bed. He laid down, on his back, propping pillows behind his head so that he was nearly sitting up. Then he waited.

As he waited, he realized they had no champagne. He wished he’d had the foresight to buy that on his little shopping expedition, but he supposed they would have to do without it this time. He stretched his body out a little, quashing down the little niggling voice in the back of his head telling him he was ugly and dirty, nothing compared to Spike’s smooth, pale body. He knew Spike thought he was sexy, and that was more than enough.

He heard Spike’s boot-clad feet clomping up the stairs, and his heart started beating faster. His cock hardened a bit with anticipation and excitement, but his palms were sweaty with trepidation.

The door to the bedroom swung open, and Spike stepped inside before he noticed the state of the room.

Candles, flowers, naked Xander…someone’s got a plan….wait. Naked Xander, Spike thought, looking around the room. His cock jumped to attention, bulging out the front of his tight jeans. His eyes were wide with shock and lust, his mouth practically watering at the sight of this warm, gorgeous man in front of him.

“Er…Xan?” he finally croaked. Xander blushed visibly, but his cock was stiffening a little more at the lustful look Spike gave him.

“I…Julia said we could…if I was ready…” he stammered. A very large grin made its way to Spike’s face.

“Remind me to send her flowers,” Spike said, moving purposefully to the side of the bed. Xander swallowed roughly, and Spike’s lecherous gaze softened. “You sure, pet?”

“Yeah, I’m just…nervous.”

Spike smiled reassuringly. “I’ll make it good for you, love. Wouldn’t hurt you for the world.”

“I know,” Xander replied with a smile of his own, tilting his head up as Spike leaned his own down. Their mouths met gently at first, but the kiss deepened considerably quickly. Xander let out a moan of desire as Spike’s tongue slid silkily, slickly, across his own, and the sound brought Spikes hands up to card his fingers through Xander’s sable hair.

Xander began to shift slightly away, and Spike stood, instantly apologetic. “Sorry, luv, too fast, shouldn’t have…” Xander silenced him by gripping his black T-shirt at the hem and tearing it apart in the front, baring Spike’s white, near-hairless skin to his scrutiny.

“Shut up and kiss me again, you dolt,” Xander whispered huskily, running his hands over Spike’s chest and belly, relishing the feel of the cool skin under his fingers. Spike moaned and laid on the bed, beside Xander, letting his own hands roam along Xander’s hot chest. Spike’s touch raised goose bumps across Xander’s skin, causing Xander to tremble with need. Xander peeled off the tatters of Spike’s shirt, his hands grasping at the waistband of his jeans, searching for the button. In his search, his hand whisked across the evidence of Spike’s own arousal, and the vampire growled hungrily, his hands suddenly clawing at Xander’s shoulders, trying to maintain the threadbare control he knew he had to have.

Xander finally managed to undo the fly of Spike’s jeans, and his hand was on Spike’s erection in a second. Spike cried out with pleasure at the scalding touch, his teeth nipping at Xander’s lips as his hips thrust farther into the touch.

“Love you,” Xander whispered with need against Spike’s lips. Spike couldn’t speak. Instead, he deepened their kiss again, his own hand traveling south to Xander’s own leaking erection. His hand encircled the hot flesh, and Xander moaned, his grip tightening on Spike. Spike squeaked at the pressure, tearing his mouth away from Xander’s as they both gasped for breath. Spike began stroking Xander’s cock slowly, skillfully, and Xander threw his head back, his eyes closing as his mouth opened wantonly.

The sight of Xander laid bare, open for him, was almost too much for Spike. However, he did his best to maintain his control, and slowly kissed his way down Xander’s neck, chest, and belly, until his tongue could flick joyfully into Xander’s navel. Xander was shaking, gasping, moaning at the sensations as Spike’s tongue worked devilishly on his skin, his hand still stroking the younger man’s cock slowly.

Spike watched Xander’s face as the pleasure coursed through him. Finally, Spike moved lower, and swallowed the tip of Xander’s erection. The action brought a loud cry from Xander, who bucked his hips up. Spike kept his eyes on Xander’s face as he lifted his mouth off. “Look at me,” he instructed. As soon as Xander’s heavily-lidded eyes were locked with his, Spike engulfed Xander’s hard cock to the root, his nose pressed roughly against the coarse hair at the base. Xander screamed, his hot release pumping against the back of Spike’s open throat, as Spike sucked, drawing out as much of the bittersweet liquid as he could. When Xander was spent, Spike licked his cock clean of all traces of his climax. He licked his lips, kissing his way gently back up to Xander’s lips, taking them gently with his own.

“I love you,” Spike finally replied with a smile. Xander was till panting for breath, dizzy from the exertion of coming harder than he ever had in his life.

Xander grinned back at his lover, and leaned up for another kiss. This one was full of desire, but a gentler passion than their earlier kisses. Spike continued to let his hands roam across Xander’s skin, glad that he could give Xander such pleasure.

One of Xander’s hands left Spike’s skin, and Spike broke away to complain. When he saw what the wayward hand had returned with, his eyes widened. Xander wanted to fuck him? Well, really, that was fine. Spike didn’t mind being on the receiving end once in a while. He grinned and rolled, bringing Xander with him so that he was on top. Spike spread his legs, grinding his hips up against Xander’s.

Xander gasped at the sensation, his cock miraculously throbbing slowly back to life. “No…” he murmured, shaking his head and trying to regain control of his senses. Spike’s face was stricken.

“Shit, Xan, you okay? I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have…”

“Would you shut up with that? I’m fine. You’re very fine. I meant, the lube, it’s not for you. It’s for me.”

Spike didn’t react for a moment, so dumbfounded that he couldn’t even muster an expression of shock. He blinked repeatedly, and Xander smiled.

“I’m more than ready, Spike. I want you to show me that it can be good, how good it can be. Will you? Make love to me?”

Spike shook himself out of his surprise, finally nodding. He kissed Xander lazily, and Xander tried to roll back onto his back, to have Spike on top of him, but Spike held him anchored.

“Don’t have to rush, love,” Spike whispered, his teeth nipping lightly at Xander’s earlobe. If Xander wanted to be made love to, Spike would do just that.

“I just want you so much,” Xander whispered back, his eyes rolling back blissfully at the sensations Spike was producing.

“We have all night, pet. Sun doesn’t come up for hours and hours. Might as well make the most of the time till then.” Spike grinned, knowing that by sunrise, Xander would be so sated he wouldn’t want to move for a week.

Hands roamed, tongues tasted, throats moaned with pleasure. Spike tasted every inch of Xander’s skin, then lay back to allow Xander his own exploration. Xander touched hesitantly at first, eventually growing bolder and licking the head of Spike’s weeping cock, causing Spike to groan and clutch the bed sheets roughly. Xander made his way back to Spike’s mouth, kissing him deeply and hungrily. Finally, Spike could take no more of the exquisite torture, and rolled them over so that he was above Xander. He reached for the lube, showing it to his lover.

“Are you ready, Xan?” he asked gently, his eyes soft and understanding. Xander nodded hastily, spreading his legs in a replica of the pose Spike had taken earlier. Spike groaned and kissed Xander again, unscrewing the cap on the bottle of lubricant.

He broke the kiss and sat back on his heels, his cock bobbing at the sight of Xander, open, breathless, for him. He squirted some of the slick gel into his hand and fleetingly spread it over his cock, grinding his teeth to keep from coming right there. He added more of the slippery compound to his fingers and, after another questioning glance at Xander, gently began to trace the tiny puckered opening. Spike didn’t try to insert his finger, but he could feel the tension in the muscles anyway. He made soothing circles on Xander’s belly with his other hand, still just playing his finger at his lover’s entrance.

“Shh, pet. S’okay. It’s me, and I won’t hurt you; open for me?” Spike said, his voice rumbling and low, soothingly quiet. Xander took a deep breath and visibly relaxed, so Spike was able to slip his finger inside.

At first, the sensation was nice, but nothing to write home about. Then Spike’s finger went deeper, and Xander began to feel slightly uncomfortable. Suddenly, Spike’s finger hit something inside him and Xander gasped, thrusting his hips down to get Spike further inside, have that spot touched again. Spike grinned and obliged, causing stars to explode behind Xander’s eyes. Spike began to pull his finger out, and Xander moaned in disappointment. The first finger was joined by a second, and both fingers began to thrust in and out of him. The stretching hurt a little bit, but every time Spike thrust in, his fingers rubbed that nub again, making Xander forget about the pain. Spike’s free hand moved toward Xander’s throbbing cock, his fingers lightly brushing the length of it. Xander was breathless with desire, mindless with lust. Spike’s fingers inside him began to scissor apart, stretching him further. A third finger entered, and Xander moaned unceasingly when all three fingers began to flutter across his prostate in rapid succession.

Spike could tell that Xander was fully open for him, and he could wait no longer to be inside his lover. He gently removed his fingers, moving over Xander’s body. He took Xander’s legs and brought them over his shoulders. The movement brought Xander back to himself, and he opened his eyes.

“I love you, Xander,” Spike said as he gently slid inside, the lubricant making his entry slick and smooth. Xander’s eyes widened as he was filled, and he realized there was no pain, no fear, no memories, only the feel of Spike’s cool length inside him. Xander felt pleasure, love, and trust.

Spike groaned, encased in a heat so scalding that it warmed him from head to toe. He paused to catch his breath and wait for Xander to be completely ready. Finally, Xander’s hips thrust up, trying to get Spike deeper inside him. Spike kissed him, then pulled back until he was almost out. “I love you,” he whispered again, thrusting in slowly. Xander moaned.

“I love you,” Spike whispered again, with another deep stroke. It became a mantra. With each stroke, Spike would brush his cock against Xander’s prostate and profess his love. Xander could hardly breathe, the sensations were so overpoweringly wonderful.

Soon, Spike’s hips began to move faster. Flesh slapped against flesh as his strokes brought him flush against Xander’s buttocks. “Harder,” Xander moaned, and a new flash of desire ignited in the pit of Spike’s stomach. He was whimpering as he pounded his hips harder, striving for completion. Suddenly, he felt warm seed shoot against his belly, and the inner walls encasing his throbbing cock pulsated, squeezing him, milking him. “I love you,” Spike groaned again, as he toppled over the edge, into pure ecstasy.

Spike raised his head, bringing Xander’s legs down from his shoulders, around his waist. He started to pull himself out, but Xander gripped his hips, keeping him deep inside.

“How do you feel, Xan?” Spike asked, worried for his lover after such a big step.

“I feel…I feel like I’m floating. Like everything is pleasure. I feel like I love you,” Xander murmured sleepily. “I feel like…a nap.”

Spike chuckled breathlessly. “Sleep, pet. When you wake up, we’ll do it again.”

“I really like that idea,” Xander mumbled, drifting off. Spike kissed his lover’s lips gently, then nestled his face into Xander’s neck, the heavy pulse lulling him off to sleep as well.

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