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In between
You and me
There is
I can feel your eyes
I can feel the tension
Hurling me
To the ground
Turning me
Upside down
I can lose myself
Without redemption

~ Lyrics by Louise

Xander took a sip of champagne, not interrupting his rhythm. His legs were only just beginning to feel the strain of his movements, but he continued slowly riding his lover’s hard, erect cock. Spike moaned beneath him, licking the sweaty, salty skin of Xander’s powerful shoulders.

“I think…this is…the best…celebration…ever…” Xander moaned breathlessly.

“Uh huh,” Spike mumbled distractedly. Xander spread his legs a little wider, opening himself more for Spike. Spike filled him completely, bringing him to the precipice of pleasure and holding him there. They had been fucking this way for nearly an hour.

“I love vampiric stamina,” Xander gasped breathlessly. He thrust down a little harder on the next bounce, and was rewarded with a tiny squeak from Spike. Xander decided to up the stakes further, and began rotating his hips as he pounded down. The stretching of his entrance was driving him crazy, and the pressure and friction against his prostate had him on the edge of bliss. He pressed down harder, trying to bring Spike closer, deeper inside him.

“It ain’t gonna last much longer,” Spike moaned. The fingers of his left hand were lightly pinching Xander’s dark nipples, while the fingers of his right hand were teasing the stretched skin of Xander’s ass. Spike began to lunge up to meet his lover on each thrust, causing their skin to slap together loudly.

“That’s okay. I’m about ready to come again anyway,” Xander smiled. His rhythm increased slightly, and he concentrated on aiming his thrusts so that Spike’s cock hit his prostate every time. He was began to moan loudly and uncontrollably when Spike reached down and formed a tight vise around Xander’s bobbing cock. He didn’t move his hand, though, allowing Xander’s own movements to create the friction. Spike’s other hand moved around Xander’s hips, and began fondling his balls almost roughly. Spike leaned forward and suckled powerfully on Xander’s neck, wrenching a scream from his human lover as thick, hot white seed spurt from his cock. The pulsating contractions inside him brought Spike over the edge, and he filled his love with his own release.

Xander, panting, leaned his head back to rest on Spike’s shoulder.

“Happy anniversary, Spike,” he whispered, turning his head to offer a kiss.

“Happy anniversary, Xander,” Spike replied dutifully before accept Xander’s most generous offer.

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