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Conlangs and conworlds
What is Terra Pvlchra?

Origin of Terra Pvlchra
Tl@uilgo//-Used by Terra Pvlchra, polysynthetic, agglutinative with some fusion, has clicks and implosives.

T p'u-Used by the Proletariat Warriors, isolating, SVO word order, tonal with much morphology determined by tone, has ejectives.

Ptx:f-Used by the Ts:t, agglutinative, VSO word order, implosives, syllabic fricatives are very common.

Teaakitukŗŗkuaaŀ-Used by the Freedom Fighters, polysynthetic, much more fusional than Tl@uilgo//, lateral consonants.

Miouateku-Used by the Tae, extremely isolating, no real tenses, small phonology.

?????????-Used by the ??????, polysynthetic.

??????-Used by the Sci-fi Club.
Scripts of Terra Pvlchra-A page on my conscripts for my conlangs. Samples and explainations of how they work.

What is a conlang?-A page that answers what a conlang is and how you can get started on making one.

How to make ğ?-A page that lists the codes for hundreds of diacriticked letters.

Terpish grammer-A page with a good grammer of my main conlang.