A guide to the innerworkings of Ktlʘukntim
Before you learn Ktlʘukntim(also Teluilgo, Telpuilgoc, or Tlʘuilgo/), you need to understand the basic premise. Take a word like baby-sit. Notice how it is used in a sentence. I will baby-sit. Notice that the object(baby) is part of the verb(sit). Now imagine that "I" is also part of the verb. You end up a with something like I-baby-sit. Ktlʘukntim is based on verbs with prefixes and suffixes attached to them. If a word is a link, then it's origin will be listed. In the box that comes up, the capital letters are letters that were made into the word. Some of the words and affixes have interesting origins. Also, not all words are as well defined as those in English and others are more well defined than in English. They are close equivalents. Lʘe means to lie, cheat, etc. for example. Also, don't try to learn this language unless you enjoy extreme consounant clusters and bizarre grammer.

Notes: 1st. means first person pronoun
2nd. means second person pronoun.
3rd. means third person pronoun.

Spiritual or immaterial refers to immaterial nouns. These should be easy to recognize. Example: ghost, name
Organic or animate refers to nouns that are alive or natural. Example: dog, person
Inorganic or artificial nouns are not living and often man-made. Example: rock, airplane

Morpheme order:


A verb being treated as a noun may take a descrip. prefix like this: !xaʘkt||xinqogmkus (a long October)
Morpheme total: 709
Basic consonants
bilab. alveo. velar uvular
stop t k q
nasal m n
prenas. nt nk nq
fric. f s x
afric. ts kx
ejec. t' k' q'
ejec. afric. ts' kx'
implos. ğ j
Aprox. l

front mid back
closed i u
mid e o
open a

front mid back

bilab. dental alveolar lateral
normal ʘ | ! ||
nasalized nʘ n| n! n||
glottalized ʘ' |' !' ||'
africated ʘx |x !x ||x
ejective afric. ʘx' |x' !x' ||x'

The primary stress is on the second syllable.
/, /, /, /, / represent pharyngealization

A basic verb

He/she sings.
The past tense is indicated by a suffix.

He/she sang.
Other inflections are indicated with suffixes.

Jerry ksaminkens.
Jerry ksa-mi-nke-n-s.
Jerry is-his-name-3SSA-3SSS
Jerry is his name.
The placement of the object is shown here.

He/she was constructing a building.
Commands, questions, pleas, and names are indicated by a suffix.

You're building a building?
When/if is at the begining of a new word.

ʘIkntma mn|atmek.
ʘI-kn-t-ma mn|a-t-me-k.
when-say-3SOI-1SSA write-3SOI-2SSA-command.
When I say something, write it down.
This is how you write a sentence with 2 verbs.

Kftni ftani |'ilani.
Kftni ft-a-ni |'il-a-ni.
airplane fly-past-3SSI attack-past-3SSI.
The fighter flew and attacked.
A sentence like the following is divided into 2 words.

Tl!aakma mn|aalami.
Tl!a-a-k-ma mn|a-a-la-mi.
see-past-3SOA write-past-3SOI-3SSA.
I saw him write something down.
There is no real word order, though SOV is popular.

Fsaqmi!luʘam |x'meoluʘa !x'iakm.
Fsa-qmi!a-luʘa-m |x'me-o-luʘa !x'i-a-k-m.
Hard_working-opposite-dog fast-brown-dog-4SSA jump-past-3SOA-4SSA.
The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

This is how the benefitive marker is used.

He made a pen for me.

Order of adjectives and adverbs.

The smart person hid.
!'la!ikiatmi kmiʘo Mara Jade.
!'la-!i-ki-a-t-mi kmiʘo Mara Jade.
building-ben.-use-past-3SOI-3SSA Force Mara Jade.
Mara Jade used the Force on the building.
The use of the equative case.

Jar Jar Binks !x'oksani.
Jar Jar Binks !x'o-ksa-ni
Jar Jar Binks-equative annoying-is-3SSI
It's annoying, like Jar Jar Binks.
Use of other case.

Don't carry a building with a hand.

L'miju mluik|'ilami.
L'miju mlu-ik-|'il-a-mi.
L'miju 3rd.-at-fight-past-3SSA
He fought at L'miju.(a possible city name)
Use of verb prefix 1. It is used to indicate actions that are not done at a specific time.

Do you make buildings?
Use of re-

He attacked the building again.
Use of can and can't.

I can't win.
The use of ğa-

Ğamn|aakma mafsu jʘxa!emi.
Ğa-mn|a-a-k-ma ma-fsu j-sʘa!-e-mi.
so.much.that-write-past-3SOA-1SSA my-hand need.to-rest-future-3SSA.
I wrote so much that my hand will need to rest.
Use of -tqa.

He is somewhere around the building.
I have been making a building.
You simply can't pretend not to be hearing all the time.
... iqkeʘalko!'ufami ...
... i-q-k-e-ʘa-lka-!'u-f-a-mi ...
... yet because he/she couldn't have been liked again ...
He/she walked into a house.
kmlu!itsfanumek jemli!itsfame jimemlutq.
habitual-3rd_pronoun-ben.-do-3POA-2SSA-command want-2nd_pronoun-ben.-do-2SSA-equative other-3rd_pronoun-plural-doer.
Do onto others as you would do onto you.
Nlalğo|x'am ʘx!euk'lilni.
Nla-lğ-|x'-a-m ʘx!euk'lilni
3SI-toward-walk-past-3PSA bank.
We went to the bank.
Sttlʘutq jemlitmiquksama.
St-tlʘu--tq je-mli--tmiqu-ksa-ma
all-person-plural-doer want-you-equat.-nice-be-1SSA
I want everyone to be as nice as you.
He is walking to the other side of the building by going around the right side.
Eddy mi!'la fi!'uni.
Eddy mi-!'la fi-!'u-ni.
Eddy 3S-building destroy-passive-3SSI
Eddy's building is being destroyed.
He/she and it built a building.
Mlotxa'i||a!xolmi !'lau.
Mlo-txa-'i||-a-!xo-l-mi !'la-u.
4th.-misc.-make-past-more.so-3POI-3SSA building-plural
Someone contructed more buildings then someone else.
Use of kti-

Kkt'i||lmi !'lau.
K-kt-'i||-l-mi !'la-u.
habitual-also-make-3POI-3SSA building-plural
He makes buildings, too.
Use of ||xa-

Tqeiksalaniq ||xa!'la?
Tqei-ksa-la-ni-q ||xa-!'la
what-is-3SOI-3SSI-question thingy-building
What's that building-thing.
1st 2nd 3rd 4th
immaterial sa/s se/so si/s s/so
organic ma/m me/mu mi/m m/mo
inorganic na/n ne/nu ni/n n/no
1st 2nd 3rd 4th
immaterial ta/t te/tu ti/t t/to
organic ka/k ke/ku ki/k k/ko
inorganic la/l le/lu li/l l/lo
1st 2nd 3rd 4th
immaterial ma me s/su s/soi
organic ma me mi/m m/m
inorganic ma me ni/nai ni/ne
1st 2nd 3rd 4th
immaterial mna mn mni/mni mne/mne
organic mla mli mlu/mlu mlo/mlo
inorganic mla mle nla/nlau nle/nleu
Verbs noun-type affixes descriptive affixes other affixes
is=ksa 1st.=mla big=|xo- past=-a
analyze='si 2nd.=mli smart=tq- future=-e
attract=!x' 3rd./4th.=mlu/mlo strong=ʘx'- because=q-
like=lka land=tila fast=fsa- opp.=-o
make/build='i|| building=!'la kind/nice=tmiqu- not=-f
say=kn storm=stl|| fat/heavy=ʘmo- command=-k
attack=|'il book=lʘi very=f- question=-q
imagine=l!xğ sword=n| hot/burning=sko|a- passive=-!'u
see=tl!a head=tk good(quality)=ʘxa- who=qta-
look=l!i arm=tin!e enough=qni- where=qte-
hear=kx'ax- leg=t'in good(morally)=tqo|- why=qti-
listen=sk hand=fsu powerful/dangerous=sfi- when=qto-
write down=mn|a foot=||x'ofi imposs.=!xuni- how=qtu-
believe in=an!i pen/pencil=tm calm=an- plea=-tai
fly=ft back/front=iği/iğa red=qma- must=-'ai
walk=|x' star=st yellow=qme- yes=qna
resist=f 'i|e parent=!'am blue=qmo- when/if=ʘi-
grow=kl child=ʘ'fo white/black=qmu-/qmi- stop=|xi-
find=fna government=ʘxmo male/female=njo-/nja- or=o-
estimate=!xima group=ʘx rich=|xat- thus=ti-
use=ki power/influence=ʘosti alternative=ʘx'u- unsure=-sao
sing=fn pronoun 2(1/2/3)=mna/mn/mni happy=tfik- benefitive marker=-!i
hide=squ!i mammal=kfi beautiful=l'- self-verb=-ʘe
composition verb 3=||xnu person=tlʘu this/that=!x'e-/!x'- how many/much=tqai-
praise=nqi light=klʘa brown/grey=qmi!-/qmefa- hypothetically=-xoi
move with wheels=n||le monster=sfim|e hard-working=|x'me- equative case=-
stun=l Force/ESP=kmiʘo fake=ti|imu- ablative case=-
teach=q'amu charistarictic=!xi annoying=!x'o- verb prefix 1=k-
seek=!x''o name=nke many 11=sti- un-=t-
jump=!x'i dog/wolf=luʘa any=nfi- re-=ʘa-
walk clumsily=!x' city=miju artistic/creative=qfa- but/yet=i-
own=ql time unit 7=nma round=nʘo- can=a-
breathe/live=ʘx'o small time unit 8=nte logical=tsma- can't=e-
fire/throw=ʘx' paper=ʘx'i my=ma- using what=tqao-
to scorch/heat=sen!a air=ʘx your=me- inside=-tski
allow=k'e lightning=ʘxa his/hers=mi- to the right/left of=-tska/-tsku
consider/regard=nela meat=linke distant=|x'- in front of=-tku
receive=||x' bottom/butt=munʘ tall=!'- on top of=-tka
control=ʘxeni reptile/fish/frog 29=qatl several=sta- close to/on=-ik
eat=sae tree=stane fair/just=-kl- in the time of=-ika
carry=jis flower=!xe new=nu- comparison=-lja
forgive=n|| insect=-tsne- all=st- exclusive=-lji
marry=n'na ????? crazy=klsi- sufficiency=ğa-
wait=tsaxi apple=qsemu stable=steʘu- instrumentive=-
multiply/reproduce=ts' data=eta strange/odd=qsno- random/?=-tqa
pilot/drive=sqe|a water=k'u brave=!xi- what resulted=tqau-
lie/deceive=lʘe tornado=tneo overcomp. 12=lt- should=-j
rotate=|'al clothes=lʘ equal(legally)=|x- imperfect=ka-
become=qseka piece of territory=kle solid/liquid/gas=qla-/qli-/qlu- toward=-tqu
organize=tqus brick=kl organic=lğani- motion case 28=-tq
win/succeed=n!ti tar/sap=k'i free(not money)=!x- before=u-
earn=ʘ'a sky=sl expensive=!x'- after=ja-
scatter/toss=tsxa ????? static 13=ksfa- even though=-
understand=stena treaty='n!e durable=n!i- during=ji-
call/name=nmu theory=n! different 16=!'e- Finally!/Whew!=Ofn'
pay=nʘi inside=!x' other/rest=jime- Huh?/confused=Qsm?
capture=tsuğ cat=fli long(time)=!xan- Stop!=!x'es
send/give=ftak idea=!' important=nʘola- Hello=Ji!x'f
serve=ʘxe sibling=ft north=nlusa- Goodbye 26=Tse|x'is
destroy=fi president=tf south=sofa- Goodbye 27=ʘXktek
contain=k'li spirit/soul=qso'a east='ista- whom=tqae-
arrive=n!ema friend=flna west=steko- begin=n!i-
represent/mean=fx! mouth=tme bright/glowing=!xna- what(inan)=tqei-
increase=n!af'o eye=smo by self=!x' what(imm.)=tqeo-
recall/remember=lkla brain=n!im Disapp. 21=jisl- plural(I)/(A)/(S)=-u/-/-
justify/back up=!x road=|xa loud=tkse- want=je-
accompany=!xu day=sma random=lu|'- need=j-
steal='ie future/destiny=st just/only=tl- try=|i-
clean=k'o past=tsla shaky=tn!- doer=-tq
destroy explosively=qle year=!isla another/more=js'e- compare=-!xo
sleep=ʘxa!- mind=mnita sticky=xli- hope=lj-
punish=eğe right=|xke soon/recently/recent=kle'u- cause=lja-
perform/do=tsfa dignity/reputation=tsfi unselfish=lğ- around(right)=-lğ
flee/be a refuge=n|ik meeting=kx'e dificult=snixa- around(left)=-lğ
interpret=!xola bird=fta fun=fteja- around(over)=-lği
forsee=|xuge rule=kxu dissapointed=ktu- around(under)=-lğa
smell=nmea statement=!x'u fustrated=ktel- through=-lğu
taste=|xume culture=kl|a -st,-nd,-rd,-th=n!e- with/out=-tsti/-tsta
touch=q'al corn=nqe rebel/rogue=lʘo- result=-imi
confess=n|'u soybean=nqa hidden=kleku- except=-im
do without 15=|x''a method=l!e'i sub-/unsub? 25=ts-/ks- ready=||ai-
load=lsi middle=n! diplomatic=kma|- continue=ji-
read=lsi'a odor=txo military=qsta- learn=|-
put 17=n!i'a missile=n|me greedy=qu'a- which=tqoe-
teleport=nʘixa cause/purpose=kx'e high-pitched=kxma- however/although=!o-
owe=|'a!i journey/voyage=tln afraid=klem- tend to=n|u- 98
continue=n|e'i mission/job=kxani reasonable 29=||x'- know=n!o-
support/promote=n!ma room/component=!xam flawed=nt- like=nk-
modify=nlaju money unit 18=ʘxqe excessive=jis- decide=||x'u-
resemble=tma! map/page=t'ixu common=n||axi- have right=!'u-
support 20=l! dimention/realm=me!i quasi-=q'asi- between=-l!i
follow=q'ola ink=kx'o harsh/sharp=n|a- no=n!ao
ask=!'esa body/material=s'u smooth/polished=qtse- toward=-lğo
be from somewhere=tl!e sample=-sanʘu- healthy=sqi|u- away from=-lğu
explain/clarify='!' word=mu'i yet=kno-
design=tla! enemy=l|xe progressive/improving=n||i'-
notice/realize=n! gourd/pumpkin=nqo sacred/great=ki-
accept/tolerate=sla! mushroom/mold=jan!k cowardly=q'-
think/believe=ʘxno test=tmi absurd/stupid=n!-
hate=kls plan/tactic=t'a small=kti-
convince/persuade=kt monopoly/control=!'ime uneducated=|x-
combine 22=nʘaxi bottle/container=n||li weak=sme'-
join=n!'u hole/tunnel=ʘx'iq slow=stsi-
discriminate=ğma poison=snaj mean/immoral=kto-
agree=nleju personality=sn in pain=tka-
interupt=ml moon=kt'a certainly=n!u-
thank=!'o acid/base=ʘxi/ʘxa low-quality=!x'-
pay taxes to=!xes coffee=flaʘu|ino sad=qnu-
help=ljiu tomato=tmeto light/thin=!x'u-
shake 23=lʘo ball/sphere=mle favorite=||'o- 117
count=sme!u forest=l!ak square=se!'i-
small win 24='lu war=|x triangular=l|xa-
pursue=nteku story=sna pentagontal=kx'eku-
rescue=jnla king/queen=kni prismish=mlisma-
escape=|ximu agent=smita 3-dimentional=!xu-
activate=qs home=!x'ese shocking=si!x'a-
mine/dig for=ğtiʘ engine=n|i hard to see/foggy=ğae
accuse=m'i instance=nk deceptive/tricky=sto!e-
have an odor=nmike spice/condoments='like thing=||xa- 30
waste=!xme message='te hook-shaped=stam-
give birth to='qi music=t'u pointed=!'i-
conquer='it' waste=l'ut helix-shaped=st||o-
know=n!uji ????? ring-shaped=|'im-
ram/collide=n!lu number/letter=n!/!x'i bent=skut-
pretend/play=||'ulo image=||'fi twisted=xne-
????? sound=n!la suspended by strings=skin|at-
burrow=||x'se pants=kme sheet-shaped=!x'ena-
be addicted to=mla||u shirt=ql jointed=fmi!o-
record=|' toy=l|| hollow='lo-
lose=nʘi boy/girlfriend=jo|i/ja|i helmet-shaped=sqo-
dance=ansi man/woman=jot/jat eggs-shaped=!'lku-
command=qts meal=kmesi also=kt-
shock/appall=!x month=t||xi striped=||x'iso-
appeal to=|x' oil=ğe polkadotted=n||qi-
make hard decision=sa||i neighbor=neʘa flashing/pulsing=ste|o-
ride=qfoje glass=kliqa with a machine=-n||ai-
swim=nia metal=sm with help of friends=-l!o-
sell=kx'ase string=nke by telepathy 32=-l|ai-
describe=!''u cloth=n|i'e by hand=-nje-
be inspired by=||x'e hair=sl last=l|-
be Christian=klisti stick/twig=!x'i'a eager=!'
be Jewish=|u'a wood=lo's accidental='no-
be atheist=t'e'i creak/squeek=|x worried=xso-
be American=mlika market/ecomony=|x' rough=qfi-
be a Terp=tu'l TV show=sxo bumpy=n|oke-
crawl=qul grass=lneju wrinkly=xf-
request=l'im ice/snow=||'oji slick=l||u-
warn='lna shoe=sti!o cold=|x-
heal(something)='flu floor=|ximna acid/base=ʘxi-/ʘxa-
be dead=qm school=tkilu
meet=ğim nut(food)=!'a
publish=|xke bad situation=||xa
lock=|xke shape=sxema
be mistaken for=n!ose revelation/fact=|'anke
paint=n||u coincidence=ʘxu
sign(a name)=sanu ?????
tip over=||'esi bread=|'esi
remain/sit=!x'ni relationship=kxi
flow=xlu religion=kx'i
splash=ʘxaxu key=fmi
struggle=!'ke shadow=fxin!
tumble/bounce=n|ea ?????
ignore=ğino instinct=n||i
reflect metalically=n!ea fire=sni!xo
drop=ntea fact/premise=n!uko
raise=!x'u 36 days=kno!x'i
experiment on=||x' soil=l!'
scout/search=ska egg=!'ale
run=n||eği mayor/base administrator=kso
chop/split=||xi here 31=n!oi
absorb=xn there 31=|'ai
recognize/decipher=qfi berry=!'it
????? tool=l||x
withdraw to safety=||x
return to=|x
cause to ferment=|'osa
accuse=lʘxi add=stğo
play back=smux cook=lkoqa inhale=kfa make into pickle=skğu
recommend=xtaʘo poke=!'ose open=stğo close=qt
block/prevent=l!'o borrow=fqoğe motivate=xne hold up/be table=|x'on
drain=qsi'u satisfy=lğ organize=txi decipher=skse
prepare for=lki bend into shape=!xoqo shrink/fade=ln!i be size of=n!o
hunt=l!xe measure=lği wear=skxat swallow=st'a
complain=qso fizz/foam=ʘxo be sick=qmole be allergic to=qm|o

1 !x'-
2 ʘ'el-
3 ʘ'-
4 tma-
5 tm-
6 tmu-
7 'sle-
8 kma-
9 n|'i-
0 'li-
000 'sa-
000,000 's-
month name meaning
January T||xisko/aoksas The month is cold.
February T||xi!xaʘoksas The month is short.
April Kt||xijlaklus The month causes growth.
August Kt||xiʘe!mas The month scorches.
October Kt||xinqogmkus The month greets gourds.

Kl'tilatskistldskksfaftsa!iutkaot|o|katskal'mjutskakiʘx'iqtka|xoqm'aqtseflaʘu|inoitilatqajtamkmjutma!kni-(119)It resembles a large, brown, smooth mushroom and is under the eternal clouds, to the right of L'miju, inside Terra Pvlchra, near the future, above the Great Tunnel, around CoffeeLand, and to the right of a big road.
Translations of Sci-Fi terms

transporter-klx`amlutqʘmi'ani(it causes one to teleport)
starship-(ship of the stars)
phaser-k!xnadfni(it destroys with much light)
lightsaber-!xna/li(glowing sword)
photon torpedo-kelʘuil/ome(torpedo of light)
spacestation-sti!'la(Building of the stars)
galaxy-stist(the million stars)

Democracy=tlʘuʘseniukusi(it is controlled by the people)
Monarchy=kniʘseniuks(it is controlled by a king)
Anarchy='limluʘseniutisi(it is controlled by no one)
Dictatorship=tqo/oʘsenius(it is controlled immorally)
computer terms

Other terms

Ksdi'uu'silmi-scientist(he/she studies physical objects)
Kstu'silmi-astromomer(he/she studies stars)
Kn!x`na'utus-mathimatics(it modifies numbers)
ʘX!ek'lilni-bank(it contains money)
Lʘen!si-math problem that contradicts itself(the number lies)
K||'!iuktstni-camera(it remembers images)
Kftni-airplane(it flies)
N|uqatln|ikmi-lizard(slick animal that flees)
N|uqatl||xmi-turtle(it tends to withdraw to safety)
Kkntim-language(they speak it)

1 Means aircraft or space craft in general.

2 For immaterial nouns. Often refers to a god or goddess, depending on the religion.

3 means roughly: is composed of.

4 no even remotely accurate english translation. See grammer for details.

5 means roughly wood-colored.

6 benefitive marker. Serves much the same role as dative or benefitive case in case-using langs.

7 a unit of time equal to 14 minutes and 24 seconds. There are 100 of these in a day.

8 a unit of times equal to 8.64 seconds. There are 100 of these in a nma.

9 similar to this or that. It is always an adjective.

10 From the first 2 letters of the Terpish silibary.

11 means a large number of, hundreds or thousands.

12 Well meaning, but overcompensating.

13 means roughly static, unchanging, absolute, rigid, conservative, opposite is liberal, flexible.

14 Used for nouns that are not incorporated into the verb.

15 means to endure without something, to abstain

16 Usually used with plural nounal prefixes to indicate that the members of the group dffer from each other.

17 means to put something somewhere. The place where something is being put is in the

18 A unit of money similar to a dollar

20 to physically hold something up.

21 The feeling you get when you make a project, play a computer game, etc. and then mess up and have to start over, and have lost the will to try again.

22 To combine something.

23 intransitive.

24 to win a battle or small argument against.

25 as in vice-president.

26 short term goodbye.

27 long term goodbye.

28 Indicates motion toward.

29 Means something slimy or scaly, like a frog, lizard, fish.

30 Similar to thingy.

31 These are locatives by default.

32 Telepathic abilities are common in the conworld that this conlang is used in.

Lessons in Tlʘuilgo/ or Ktlʘukntim
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