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{My cat Sammi on my sammi MONZUKI}

Howdy, and welcome to the home of MONZUKI. To start off with, you are asking yourself why I named my 1988.5 Suzuki Samurai MONZUKI. Well I named her that because she is a Monster Suzuki. My wife liked the name, but to her it stood for Money Pit Suzuki. Thus the name MONZUKI.

So now for the meat.

MONZUKI started out to be just a mild 4x4 toy. Then I did a SPOA lift, and from there it has snowballed into a full built mudd truck. And now I bring her to the web so you can check out the history and the furture of MONZUKI.

Where do you want to go?


1.3L Engine

Weber Carb

Walbro Fuel Pump

Cowl Induction Hood

Rat Cave Cage Install

Rear Disc Brakes

Rat Adaptors

Half Doors

Zukicreations Go Doorless Limit Straps

33" MT Tires

Wheeler's Front Bumper



Oops...Rolls, Flips, and Mishaps.

Shrockworks Gas Tank Skid Plate


How You Should Feel About MONZUKI

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