Wednesday, August 14, 2002: And The Feeling Returns has been COMPLETED.

Chapters 19-25 added!

Chapter One: Going Thru the Motions
Chapter Two: Walking Through the Part
Chapter Three: Showdown
Chapter Four: Left of Center
Chapter Five: Possible Impossibilities
Chapter Six: Behind the Music
Chapter Seven: Same Story, Different Day
Chapter Eight: Breadcrumbs
Chapter Nine: Leap of Faith
Chapter Ten: Making the Pieces Fit
Chapter Eleven: Deja Vu All Over Again
Chapter Twelve: Sweet Misery
Chapter Thirteen: Bursting the Bubble
Chapter Fourteen: Dead Inside
Chapter Fifteen: Gather 'Round the Campfire
Chapter Sixteen: Closet Full of Skeletons
Chapter Seventeen: Burdens
Chapter Eighteen: Father Knows Best
Chapter Nineteen: Blood Bound
Chapter Twenty: Unlocking
Chapter Twenty-One: And The Feeling Returns
Chapter Twenty-Two: At Long Last
Chapter Twenty-Three: And The Feeling Is Sooo Nice
Chapter Twenty-Four: Clearing the Air
Chapter Twenty-Five: Fresh Start


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