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At Your Side: Family Support Doula Service in Missouri

At Your Side: Family Support Doula Service in Missouri

*At Your Side: Family Support* Doula Service
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Welcome to At Your Side: Family Support. My name is Rita. I live in Brookfield MO. I am the mother of three. I have a BS degree in Child Development from CMSU. I am currently obtaining certification as a labor doula through DONA. I believe labor is a natural wonderful thing and I look forward to supporting mothers to reach their goal of natural childbirth. I enjoy all aspects of pregnancy and childbirth. I believe it is a natural wonderful experience. I also believe if the mother opts for intervention - medication that decision is her's - as her doula I am there to offer physical, emotional and informational support.

Many health care providers have never heard of a "doula", this does not mean they will resist - through education they should come to appreciate the job of a doula. The nursing shortage makes doula's that more necessary and advantageous.

In The 1960's men were "promoted" to Labor coach - rather than being kept in the waiting room, passing out cigars. Some men are not cut out for this job - they try to "fix" the situation rather than letting it happen naturally. Most men do not deal well with seeing the woman they love in pain. Hiring a doula allows the partner relief from the role of "coach" and put them back as partner. The partner can be there to support and love. A doula is there also to support the partner.

A doula is often a mother herself. She has been in the same (or at least similar ) situation as the mother. She can relate to the emotions, the sensations, the fears and help mom work through them.

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