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Theme Jockey is a Service that CUSTOM DESIGNS and creates Desktop Themes. A Desktop Theme changes the apperance of your computer by changing your Startup Logos, Wait Logos, Shutdown Logos(Splash Screens), Wallpaper, Cursors, Icons, and Sound (Startup and Shutdown) along with different sound effects. What you would like to see and hear is what we can Custom Design. We have Created Themes for all occasions. We even make Desktop Themes for Businesses.

Any Business becomes a lifetime member. If you use a picture for the Employee of the Month as your Wallpaper, we will change it every month.

There are many wonderful Desktop Themes on the NET, but how would you like to have one that there is no mistake that it is YOURS.


We have Custom Designed Themes to include topics such as Art, Fantasy, Animals, Pets, Cars, Rock Groups, Country Artist, Erotic (Only in an Artistic Taste) using pictures of your choice, and you can choose even the colors for the enhancements.

For Businesses, your Theme comes on Your own

Personal CD

along with Install and uninstall. This allows the Theme to be placed on several Computers. Themes for the Home can be downloaded from our Web Site.

Here is what is Normally seen, We are all familiar with these.

--- ---

Click on any Item below to view some examples. Remember, what you see here is not what you get. We Custom Design using your Pictures, Sounds, Music and we have a huge amount of Cursors and Icons to match.



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