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We here at Theme Jockey have Created Themes for all applications!

We have created Themes for Home and Office PC`s to include: Art, Fantasy, Spouses, Family, Girlfriends, Boyfriends, Rock Groups, Country Artist, Cars, Animals, and Themes of a Mature nature. Screen Savers are available, also.



We have used Pictures of the Company Site and Company Logos for the Splash Screens,. We have used Pictures of the Owner/Founder, Management Team, and some of our customers use Pictures of the

Employee of the Month

for thier Desktop Picture instead of Memos.

The Price for all of this is a low $9.95 for each Theme on a CD. For the Themes downloaded from our Web Site, a cost of $5.95 each. A small price for a lot of enjoyment.

Because Theme Jockey is a Home Based Company, we only accept Checks and Money Orders. The only time we ask for a Credit Card is if the Theme requested is of a MATURE nature. This is for Age Verification only. Anything that includes Nudes, Erotic Art, Sexy Photos,ect. When you place an order for one of the Mature Themes, only the one time charge of $9.95 is all you pay. You Do Not have to join any club that requires a monthly charge.

To answer any of your Questions, Place an Order, or Check on an Order, E-mail us

or call 816-763-0871

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