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December 14, 2000

I haven't written in forever. A month. St. Louis has been hit with a snow storm. We have about six inches. I don't know! But enough to have schools cancel. Even The Galleria, a big mall, closed early. Some shops were closed and restaurants. No one was out I guess.

But Chad and I went to Forest Park to Art Hill. A St. Louis tradition. There were tons of people there sledding or snowboarding. Chad went snowboarding. I had this little sled thing but the climb up the hill killed me. I didn't have any water but someone let me have some of theirs. I can't believe it but people were drinking beer and a guy had a bottle of wine. They had a nice big fire going. I stood by it after I got snow all over my legs.

Yes, Chad, my boyfriend, is leaving pretty soon. I'm upset about it. It's just hitting me like a panic. I can't believe it.