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Personal Testimonies

Would you like to share your Testimony on how you are a single parent, home school and manage to keep the wolf from the door? Type up a few paragraphs and submit it to the link below.

From a single mom of 8 in the midwest:

First, why homeschool as a single parent? Why SPwHS? I personally would like to be more connected. I feel like such a lone ranger, know what I mean? I didn't want to be single again raising kids. I want to connect with others who feel the need to sacrifice for the future of their kids. Sure I could get a "normal" 9 to 5 job and put my kids in public school, but I don't like the result. I didn't have kids to ship them off to someone else to fill their little heads with stuff I disagree with and then to have them ignore what I believe is essential. My kids are missing one of their parents already, and I think it is imperative for me to have as much time and input into my children's lives as possible.

I want to raise children that are different and not mainstream. I want to impart my values into my children for a heritage to be passed on to future generations. I'm not raising these children alone because God has said He will Father the unfathered. My husband is not dead, so my children are not 'fatherless', but they are unfathered in the earthly sense.

To make ends meet, I have found I need to think outside of the box. Several part time jobs are better than one full time job, especially ones I can take the kids with me on. Better yet are the jobs I can do from home on the computer, watching other people's children, or renting out a room to another single mom. I've recently stumbled upon delivering newspapers too, which I can do with my kids and pay them an allowance as well.

From a single mom of one in Alberta, Canada:

It was exciting to see your website. Our family of two, teacher and student have been home-educating for 9 years now, and finally got on-line. Soon as I know how, I hope to join you. In the meantime, I'll be popping in for a visit often with my daughter. This is so very very very cool.

I will never regret the years that we have invested in home-education, or the bookshelves. I have tons and never enough.

I support myself by cleaning houses, and selling Tupperware. Because I am developing arthritis in my back, I am putting more energy into the Tupperware end of things, and trying to painlessly shed some cleaning. It hasn't worked yet.

From a single mom of 3 in the South:

I have been a single parent for the past 14 years. I'm going on my 7 th year of homeschooling, and have 3 sons.My 17,18 by/os will grad. in Sept.after 7 years of homeschooling.I also have an 8 y/o .

I am not on any public assistance at all except have a house loan with FMHA,which I have been paying for 15 years.

I do recieve around $200 a month for my 17 untill he reaches 18, in Nov. otherwise that it for child support. I teach other homeschooler (by giving classes , 2 times a week), do childcare for other homeschool single moms, and just about anything to make ends meet. And fully trust in the Lord to be our father, husband and care taker of our home. And He's always has done a great job at it.

From a single mom of one:

My testimonial, is various & flexible jobs. My son's father picks him up at 4:30 3 days of the week. I leave & go to work at an answering service. Two of those days, I pick him up at 9:00 pm from his dad's after I get off work. Friday he stays overnight until Sunday evening. He is with me all day, two days a week as his father is taking night classes.

Saturdays I work 11-5 at the answering service & go from there to Dave & Busters to work a Murder Mystery Dinner then home by 11:00 at back at the answering service 9:30-6:00 on Sundays. After my son goes to bed at night (or after I get home on Fri/Sat when he's with dad), I try to record for at least an hour (I tape textbooks for blind & learning disabled students through GSU). The days my son is with me, I'll try to get in an extra hour while he is doing a quiet activity like playing on the computer.

The Murder Mysteries sometimes book me for private parties during the day on weekdays & the director is very flexible with my bringing my son along so those help out as well.

Tired? Exhausted, but it works!

The Dollar Stretcher has a page of testimonies for single parents who work at home. They don't necessarily home school as well, but you can use the ideas nonetheless!
Single Work At Home Moms

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