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New Years 1999

Lance and I went out for New Years. I finally got to see our friends Craig & Christina's new house - really beautiful. Also got to see Jason & Gretchen again for the first time in about a year. I really plan on getting out more this year!

Everything was really fun until Lance ate some baaaad cookies and spent the beginning of the year 2000 in the bathroom. Poor Lance, he never gets sick, but when he does...whew! He'll love this.

Sophie is going back to school today, although if she keeps waking up she'll be a sleepy little girl all day. Here she comes again...Mommy, hi. Okay, I give it another 5 minutes before she's up again.

All in all, it's an okay new year. We've already got a $12 late fee at Blockbuster. Now I know their plan. "Give" me free rentals, then I forget to return those "free" movies, and end up paying the late fee. Remember the old adage you've been hearing since you were tiny...nothing is really free.

Happy New Year.

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