The Links

This is not a complete list by any means. Instead, it is just some of my favorite websites, whether TYR related or not! If anyone feels like putting together a comprehensive list of TYR site links for me, I would be more than happy to include everything here and give credit where credit is due!

TYR Sites

The Young Riders Webring
The Saddlin' Station
Lady For an Era - Lou's Page
The Hitching Post
The Doorless Stall - TYR Episode Reviews by the Very Hilarious Johnny Betts!
Ponnyexpressen The Reading Room - one of the largest collections of TYR Fan Fic on the web, with the best graphics!
The AYRF Fan Fic Awards Site
The Ponnyexpressen Fan Fic Updates Messageboard
The AYRF Message Board - A Great, Forum Style board...Come join us!
The Sweetwater Station - One of the first TYR sites!
The Kid & Lou Shrine - An Archived Site

My Favorite Non-TYR Sites
The Movie Mark - Run by Johnny Betts (and contributed to by yours truly), the Movie Mark provides informative, insightful, and downright hilarious reviews of current and classic movies.
Angry Alien - Histerical movies reenacted in 30 seconds by the Bunny Troupe
Tomato Nation - A weekly article and daily advice column; funny as funny can be!
Television Without Pity - Recaps of all your favorite television shows
Fame Tracker - Brought to you by the Folks at Television Without Pity