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The Scientific Process:

New!The Accidental Scientist - The Science of Cooking Exploratorium's great resource for edible science - PARENTAL SUPERVISION REQUIRED - this is *real* cooking ... and real science.
The Thinking Fountain Activities, Ideas, Galleries, Books and Surprises
Waterford Press Games, Activities and Quizzes for Nature studies - Animals, Geology, Weather, Plants, The Night Sky - great ideas!
Structures Around the World
Bud's Science Page lesson plans for 'build it contests': Aluminum Foil Boat, Bottle Music, Coffee Can Car, Egg Drop, Mousetrap Car, and more
Skateboard Science
Newton's Apple See the hypercoaster. (Be sure you scroll to the end.)
Amusement Park Physics
Rollercoaster Project
DK Science Encyclopedia Worksheets Printable work/review & related-activity sheets for use with the "Dorling Kindersley Science Encyclopedia" as a 12 part science study. The first portion of the initial section, "Matter" is already up.
Mr. Lewis' Classroom Mt. Juliet High School in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee - a unique mix of class projects (toothpick bridges, catapults, roller coasters, and egg drops), class pictures, educational links, awards, and much, much more - Sassafrass Grove Tree of Knowledge Award Winner!
ScienceKits.Com WOW! These kits are cooool *and* affordable!
Robots & Robot Kits Maybe you can build a robot to clean your room!?!
Illusionworks Great illusions with activities and explanations (NOTE- the interactives require JAVA, and SHOCKWAVE is recommended)
Weird Science From the Discovery Channel Online - such interesting subjects as "Why we never see baby pidgeons" to "Why eating aspearagus makes your pee smell funny"...weird! (and wonderful!)
Hands On Activities From Science Court
Ask Jeeves For Kids Easy, Fast, Safe place for kids to get answers on the net
How Things WorkGot a Question about how things work? Lou Bloomfield, Professor of Physics at The University of Virginia, will do his best to answer it!
ENC Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Mathematics and Science Education
ION Science keep an eye on & make sense of latest news & trends in science & nature
Science Doodles a pair of nutty science writer/artists bring humor to science
You Can With Beakman and Jax loads of incredible science - good & yucky, so kids love it
GirlTECH Science Lesson Plans
YES Mag Canada's Science Magazine for Kids
3rd Planet Lab Science kits and daily labs for kids
Ask Eric Great Science Lesson Plans - Fun projects!
Scientific American Frontiers Cool Science! Fun projects!
NPR Science Friday Kid's Connection Fun projects!
Bill Nye The Science Guy
Women in Science Internet Resources
Empowering Girls in Science and Math
Women of NASA
4,000 Years of Women in Science
Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering
Women in Technology
Newton's Apple
The New Explorers

Search BarnesandNoble.com for kids science

Many homeschoolers are looking for ways to get science and biology lab experience to supplement their reading and lessons. Some people do not have the room or the stomach for the full fledged hands-on dissection of an animal, and many reject the idea that any living animal should give up its life in order that we may cut it up to see how it works. (I may argue with you about the tick) Whatever your views, here is a list of links that can help you with instruction for actual or virtual dissections of a wide variety of animals:

- no formaldehyde, no gloves, no urgent trips to the john, no pained conscience -
Earthworm Virtual Dissection
Virtual Frog Dissection Kit
Virtual Pig Dissection
Virtual Fetal Pig Dissection
Sheep Brain Dissection
Cow Eye Dissection photos
Cow's Eye Dissection (photos of dissection)
Tick Dissection (yuck!)

- you supply the animal, trays, rubber gloves, scalpels, barf bags etc. -
The Animal Dissection Page - many to choose from
Cow's Eye Dissection
Frog dissection
Sheep Brain Dissection Guide
Starfish Dissection Tutorial

Virtual Courseware for Science Education - Biology Labs On-Line & Geology Labs On-Line
the Online Virtual Human Body

Visible Man, (also Woman, Horse, Dog, Cow) - models with vital organs, circulatory system and skin to paint and assemble. These and other anatomical models are vailable from Anatomical Chart Company.

The Magic School Bus - Inside The Human Body, and online at Magic Schoolbus - Inside the Human Body - Science Adventure
Virtual Frog

New!The Accidental Scientist - The Science of Cooking Exploratorium's great resource for edible science - PARENTAL SUPERVISION REQUIRED - this is *real* cooking ... and real science.
Vickie Cobb's Kid's Science Page Excerpts from Science You Can Eat and much more
Martindale's Chemistry
Chem 4 Kids learn the principles of chemistry - good resource for lesson plans
General, Organic and Biochemistry
HyperChemistry on the Web history, experiments, periodic table etc.
Kid's Web Chemistry - geared toward older kids
Organic Chemistry
Periodic Table of the Elements
Chemistry Tutor
Alchemy News
Chem 101 videos, experiments, online textbook
The ChemTeam A Tutorial for High School Chemistry
Eric's Treasure Trove of Chemistry Glossary of Terms
Internet Chemistry Resources chemistry links by category
CHEMystery a virtual chemistry textbook for high school
Science Hypermedia Analytical Chemistry Basics & more for serious chemistry students & instructors
WebChemistry Software Index

Don't forget to turn off the Bunsen burners before you leave!

The Heavens:
KidsAstronomy.com A Universe of Discovery - including Free Online Astronomy Academy!!
Our Scale Model Solar System Project
Downloadable Teachers' Guide to Stephen Hawkings' UNIVERSE !!!!
Who's Out There? A Space Science adventure - How to lead a search for other life in the universe. (Fifth grade to adult)
Space Day visit "the galaxy's premier site for stupendous space stuff"
Reaching for the Red Planet Great stuff, including a scale model of our solar system
Sea & SkyClimb aboard either the Seasub Cousteau or the Starship Sagan to explore one of these vast wild frontiers. You can even find out what you would weigh on another planet!
Star Child great site with lots of kidfriendly information, glossary, activities and more
Earth and Moon Viewer WOW!
Deep Space Discover the Mysteries
Chronology of Space Exploration who, what, when, where, how and why we've been in the cosmos
Sign up for MARS! Send a little bit of yourself with the Mars Polar Lander - better hurry!
Eric's Treasure Trove of Astronomy Twinkle, Twinkle
Space and Astronomy for Kids and lots more!
The Nine Planets a Multimedia Tour of the Solar System
Sky OnLine All kinds of info on on the heavens - upcoming events like eclipses
Astronomical Data Online with Sunrise & Sunset Computations from the US Naval Observatory
Marshall Space Flight Center - Kids Page
NASA's Education Page Teacher Resources for K-12

Don't forget to put the lens covers back on the telescope before you go!

Our Bodies:
Magic Schoolbus - Inside the Human Body - Science Adventure
Human Body Adventure
Ask Eric - Health Lesson Plans
Neuroscience for Kids - Learn About the Brain and Spinal Column
Elementary Curriculum - Health
Anatomy University of Colorado
The Heart Preview Gallery WOW!! online exploration of the heart and so much more - the Franklin Institute
Human Anatomy On-line
The Human Skeleton

Human Anatomy Coloring Book by Margaret Matt
Start Exploring Gray's Anatomy : A Fact-Filled Coloring Book by Freddy Stark, Fred Stark

Hey! Go back and wash those hands before you leave!

Nature & The Environment:
MakeYour Own Weather Station From the Franklin Institute - how to's for a complete amateur meteorologist's set-up!
the Spiders Home Page Get the creepy crawlies when you think of spiders? Get the truth here!
Spiders! 7 Lessons on our creepy-crawly neighbors - in English or Spanish - including references and resources - did you know that you are never more than 10 inches from a spider???
Milk Carton Bird Feeder
Wyland's Kids' Web Dedicated to all the kids who care about saving our ocean planet
IMAGINATION FACTORY art/recycling Web site for kids, parents, and teachers
Sea World Ask Shamu, info, activities, videos, Teacher's Guides and more
Kid's Corner Learn about endangered species
EarthStewards learn how people bring about positive change on our planet through projects such as citizen diplomacy, reforestation, land mine removal, and conflict resolution
From Windmills to Whirligigs
The Great Plant Escape Unlock the mysteries of Plant Life (gr 4,5) - (with teacher's guide)
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle at Education Place
Brucie's Buddies Kids Caring for the Environment - Activities, Cartoons and Information from New Zealand
Energy Quest Energy Education from the California Energy Commission
Mount Washington Observatory loads of weather info!
The Jason Project Deep sea exploring!
Virtual Frog Dissection Kit No formaldehyde, no mess, no retching!
Kratts Creatures from the PBS show
Reptiles and Amphibians
EPA Student and Teacher Resources

Don't forget to take out the compost and recyclables before you leave!

Check out these Science and Nature magazines

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